Sweatcoin or how to make money by walking

Hello everyone. today I will tell you about the application for the phone on which you can earn. It's called Sweatcoin.


                      Picture 1. Sweatcoin icon

There is an application for both android and ios. As usual, go to the playmarket and download.


               Picture 2. Daily earning (level of earning)

there are 5 levels of earnings. You choose it yourself. 4 of them are free, only at the expense of the local currency and 1 at the expense of your funds. I advise you to choose the 5th level only for very active people. And so I advise you to take the 4th level. You can earn a fairly large amount of sweatcoins.


                        Picture 3. Daily bonus

There is also a daily bonus in the application. For 1000 steps you have a chance to win up to 1000 sweatcoins. And so, on average, you would receive from 2 to 10 additional sweatcoins for watching 3 videos.


                      Picture 4. Daily 2x Boost

Another great boost. Within 20 minutes you will be credited with 2 steps, what is not the motivation to do a run?


                       Picture 5. Offer of the day


               Picture 6. Do something good for the world


                         Picture 7. Auctions

Now in order. How and on what can you still spend your coins?

Offers of the day. You don't need a lot of coins here. The offers are constantly changing and I think that you will find suitable ones.

Do something good for the world. You can also spend your tokens to improve the environment. helping people and saving animals.

Auctions. Here you need a large amount of sweatcoins, you can buy here from a treadmill to a TV or a drone.

In conclusion, I would like to say that I have already ordered headphones from here, they came quickly and the quality is good. All I can wish you is good luck.

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