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You take my point of view quite straightforwardly. I'm talking about copying the style of successful users by other users. And of course it does not bring results.

Exaggerated it looks like this: "This dude in the top is very positive, he cooks food very happily and writes every time how he loves this place. I will do the same." But it won't work, because as you correctly noticed, this positive dude in a top truly enjoy it. And the copycat is trying to figure out the" rules " of this place in order to make a profit. And I'm not calling on all of us that there should be more shit and negativity in this place. I say that there is enough fake positivity here. People try to be someone else to earn money. So it was, is and will be everywhere where there is money and there are people.

But the key point is that everything I wrote above does not really apply to this place. It doesn't matter how you present information, rudely, positively, literarily correctly or in ugly English like me. If you did not come here to figure out the "rules" and kiss ass, but to work conscientiously or just to have fun, then everything will be OK.

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