Art of frugal living : Exactly a year ago, I happily lived in £1850 apartment and now happily living in £360 room.

Thank you to everyone who is part of our amazing global hive community. Thank you for giving and receiving hive cryptocurrency via upvoting and being part of a loving money-flowing decentralized network. Today is Day 4 of my 365 days challenge of writing challenge on Hive.

Warren Buffett, one of the wealthiest men in the world, lives in the same home that he and his wife bought in 1958 for a little over $31,000. It's estimated that its current value is only 0.001 percent of his total net worth.

I read this somewhere today and I thought of myself as my own little warren buffet and trying to write something.

I have been practicing frugal living since 2014. It was the year I discovered minimalism and it was the year I quit my co-operate career. And also happened to be the year I finally earned my British citizenship too.

There are years where nothing happens; and there are weeks where years happen.

Looking back, It's clear to me that 2014 was one of the exponential growth year for me personally. Because I was bored at my job and also the fact my boss was on maternity leave, I had more free time to explore random things and become curious about the world around me. Accidentally I stumbled across this website called and after reading some of the blogs on this website probably a major factor me able to let go of my co-operate career which I worked so hard to build the foundation for my career.

Soon I became more interested in Zen philosophy and the Healthy lifestyle of Okinawan people from Japan and I wanted to travel to Japan and live there. Then met this amazing Japanese girl in London and fall in love. After ending my previous relationship in 2013, I was a little hesitant to invest in my new relationship in the beginning. Just before I quit my job I started hosting AirBnb with the apartment I owned in London at that time and also started to work as an Uber driver.

I was trying to figure out exactly when I did become an extreme minimalist and learned to live with less than 21 items but I know it's started 7 years ago and I'm still practicing it and learning to let go of the things that no longer serve me or add value to my life.

You can imagine the transformation of a guy who used to spend on average £2000 per month on clothes and cars alone and becoming the guy who doesn't want to own a car anymore and spend almost £20 per month on clothes. I was happy little Nathan back in 2014 and I'm happy little Nathan now in 2021 nothing much changed fundamentally about my belief system about money.

All the wonderful experiences that I had in the last 7 years have definitely validated how I felt about money and work. Because I had some dysfunctional family upbringing took me very long time appreciate how my wife's view & feelings about family.

During the Covid/lockdown, I made many decisions based on fear and it hasn't worked out for me. One of them was choosing to pay £1850 rent and even though I tried to live happily there, I couldn't sustain it. Now I'm making decisions based on love and abundance and I feel like I have everything I needed.

If you can trust life and the future, your money worries will disappear. You can count on yourself, your own ability and you can count on your support network.

I wrote this today because I had a blessing experience when I called my friend and spoke to him for more than an hour where he said

" Man, I'm almost 35, I need a life partner. So I'm dating as many women as possible"

So I immediately realized the correlation between all the people trying to get rich overnight in Crypto and my friend who is was chasing love out of fear. So I kindly reminded him that you will attract the right woman into your life simply by not thinking about age but thinking more about what kind of person you want and wanting to share your happiness and love with that person.

I'm not sure If I explained it well. But this post is more about money and investment. The main reason I'm writing every single day is to improve myself. As long as I'm getting a little better every day and keep my consistent writing effort I can certainly get at least 10X better.

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