Cardano (ADA) is gaining momentum

The one coin that I have been talking about since some time is Cardano ADA, and look at it's performance. It's at .77 as I write this, touching it's all time high at .82 and now consolidating between .70 and .80. In a matter of 3 months from .08 it has reached to a level of .80 and yet more to look forward.

If you loot at it's chart you will see, a month back it was at .22 and 3 months back it was at .08. consistently it has been moving up in lines with the BTC growth, which gives this coin a promising future. The smart contracts development is already in process and it is planned to be launched sometime in the month of March, and this might be a complete game changer for Cardano.



I had managed to get some Cardano at .07 and then kept on adding them till at .30, so it's a good deal for me overall on this coin.

But then all Cryptos have their pros and cons and also a risk associated. So Cardano will also have it's own and the good success of Cardano will depend on the number of DApps and smart contracts that gets built on the blockchain.

As of now it looks a promising future for Cardano and I somewhere feel it is still not late to get into this coin. It is now at 4th position and a good competition to Ethereum also, though the direct price cannot be compared but getting ROI looks more promising on this one, then other coins as of now.

BTC is way too high. In this bull market, my focus is more on the Alt coins now, and my plan is to get out of them when they yield good returns and then in the next bear market make an entry into BTC again with a lower price from good ROI of these Alt coins. This is my crypto strategy for now.

As most of you are aware, all my work revolves around checking energy and then going ahead with it, so I do see a very promising future of ADA and my guess is that the price will touch minimum somewhere between 10$ to 12$ at the peak market. What do you think about the price of ADA?

I am also looking at one more coin, which I will disclose soon as I still need to study on it. Keep watching this space to know more about this coin.

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