Celsius phishing attack

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Yesterday a lot of Celsius users have been targeted by a phishing attack coming from the email address hello@celsiuswallet.network advertising their new celsius web wallet the biggest issue is that along with that email there were some users that also received an text message on their phone. Here's the email and text message the scammers sent:



As you can tell by the email this was made by someone with great social engineering technic. They mimic the writing style and layout of all of celsius emails, the email address from where it originated seems legit at first glance. To top it all of they choose the celsius web wallet hook because users knew it is something that the legit celsius has been working on releasing. They even mention the beloved AMA's with Alex.

This probably wouldn't catch any crypto veteran but this bull run brought with it a lot of new people that aren't as skilled at identifying scams. There's a huge red flag in the text message: That is not the celsius website URL and every user should know that.

The scammers ETH address: At the moment that address holds almost $270,000. It is infuriating to see this scammers succeed and the only thing we can do now is let this serve as a lesson for the future because all they have to do is to wipe their trail with a couple Monero and transactions and they're untraceable.

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How did they get the clients personal information?

It is not confirmed yet but all suspicions are falling on celsius itself since it was a targeted phishing attack and only celsius users seem to have received this email.
Some users even went to the trouble of cross checking where they had their emails / phone numbers registered and the only common factor was celsius.

Phishing attacks have been around forever and it a shame that most people are mot familiar with the concept and successful it usually is. If you want to be independent then the responsibility of keeping your crypto safe is ENTIRELY YOURS! Let this serve you as a reminder to NEVER ACCESS CRYPTO OR ANY FINANCIAL WEBSITE TROUGH EMAIL LINKS! NEVER! Take the extra 10 seconds to go the website correct url.

With great power comes great responsibility, stay safe out there!

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