Staked tribe tokens CTP / Vibe / Oneup

Hello Hivers!
Today I would like to share you
about my activities of Staking Trib

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Tribe tokens

Tribe tokens mean second layer
tokens of Hive. Also known as
Hive engine tokens. I think Community Token would be more
correct. Each of Tribes tokens have
community. They do their best for
running tokens.
There have many tribe tokens at
Hive Engine Wallet. Famous tokens
are Leo CTP Vibes Cine ect...

You can get tribes tokens by
tagging their tag. Each tokens and
Community have their own
purpose. Example Leo for Financial
topics Cine for Movies topic Vibes
for Music lovers ect...


Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.

Staked CTP
I staked 58 CTP tokens. Now my
total Staked CTP is 253.

Staked Vibes
Vibes is Musicforlife community.
I love music. Whenever I have free
time I play guitar and sing songs.
I staked 103 Vibes tokens. Now my
total Staked vibes is 247.

Staked Oneup
Oneup is for Hive gaming. You can
use oneup tag for any Hive Gaming
posts. I staked 535 oneup tokens.
Now my total staked Oneup is 535.

That is all what I would like to
share you about my activites of
Staking Tribes tokens.

Post creator : @myanmarkoko
From : Myanmar
Name: KoKoMoeHein


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