Happy Bday Hive - Happy 3rd anniversary!!

Happy birthday to Hive and to all Hive bloggers who are using this wonderful platform!!

We all have something wonderful to celebrate today. We have a great space to express ourselves and share daily. The best part is that we are truly international - that adds to the variety, flavor and color of this platform as we enrich each other's lives with our stories. Hive is so great because it makes content creation and being in crypto easy for starters and more experienced users.

On this momentous day, many thanks and Congratulations goes out to the developers and brave and creative souls who make the decision to create Hive!!!

Some might be familiar with when Hive was born - some might not - but I will not forget. However, this is a celebration so I will not go there! I will only say that one can only measure one’s progress if one knows the starting point.
So kudos to Hive and all the great people in the background that keeps the platform going. The growth and development of Hive has been amazing thus far and I am sure it will continue.

Happy Anniversary - Happy birthday!!

Hive has gone from strength to strength since its inception. It's now a strong Community with many smaller groups. Everyone can find their place and their way on the blockchain - there is a place for all our hobbies, thoughts, addictions etc. All community owners, moderators, administrators and bloggers are also important for the platform. Each being as important as the other. In addition, if there are no users/ content creators - there is no platform. Everyone is committed and passionate about what they do. Therefore - a big congratulations to everyone on Hive!!!

Hive users and many communities have been instrumental in helping many non- Hive users via bloggers who highlight disasters in the offline world. For example - the war in Ukraine, the earthquake in Turkey etc. Therefore Hive users are not only helping themselves but also their environments.

I am personally looking forward to growing on the platform - via engagement, posting and continuing to share with others and to add value whenever and wherever I can. This is a "rewarding" social media and I am loving it. The best part is the people I’ve met and are getting to know while using Hive. Thanks for making this experience a pleasant and informative one.

In the spirit of things and to join the celebrations - I’ve just powered up 125 Hives.

All photos are my own

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