Hive vs Bitcoin!? Yes Really

I noticed something very interesting a couple of days ago and decided to track it for a few days to see if it was an anomaly? It wasn't.

The chart below shows something quite remarkable and something I've never seen before... because I wasn't looking.

Hive vs Bitcoin


You see that 476.1% increase in price? (bottom right) that is price growth in #Hive in the last year. (28 Jan 2022)

The second chart below shows Bitcoin price growth over the same period.


Bitcoin price grew by just 8.1%. So what can we deduce from this?

Apart from the absolutely gigantic price gap between between these two tokens and the total market dominance of Bitcoin.

From a business point of view Hive is much more dynamic in terms of growth and development.

Bitcoin is Bitcoin in terms of development in the sense that the protocol is fixed and all future development is happening on second layer side chains. It is mature.

Hive is the base from which many projects spring either using the hive token (@peakd) or creating projects with their own second layer tokens like @leofinance #leo #wleo and @splinterlands #dec etc

These second layer tokens can have added functionalities.

The speed of development on Hive is astonishing and comparison to Bitcoin is unfair as is the speed of the Hive blockchain compared to Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is like a single engined aircraft whereas Hive is closer to a rocket.

Bitcoin is more than twice the age of Hive and as is the case in many technology fields.

Later entrants leapfrog the earlier technology.

This kind of growth in price of Hive year on year is exponential.

Just think about that for a minute?
In five years time Hive could easily be priced at $16 each.

Daily, weekly and monthly price action is irrelevant unless you are day trading.

Trading in Hive is instant and virtually free.

Try sending some tokens to someone and see the difference in speed and costs. There is no competition.
Hive is virtually instant and free.
Bitcoin depending on trading conditions is expensive and slow unless you use the lightning network which is another second layer that Hive annihilates.

Bitcoin is the de facto face of cryptocurrencies. Everyone has heard of it.

Hive is the new kid on the block and it's kicking butt.

Were you aware of this?

Have you told anyone lately?

Where will you be in 5 years time?

2021 was good 2022 is going to be epic. 2 tags to watch. #gaming #defi

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