Cryptocurrencies vs Bullshit Jobs!

It's been an eventful year (2 years) in which the world has changed forever.


As more people realised that their job was meaningless and as many more awoke to the fact that their jobs were not only bullshit but pointless as well.

A new dawn has broken. The great resignation became a thing?

We in the crypto space have known about these bullshit jobs for many years. We've all had the incompetent manager or people who have risen to a position of power through nepotism.

I read something recently that stated that most hierarchical organizations have at least 50% of the managerial workforce
that do bugger all...all day long.

Many of the highest market cap publicly traded companies are virtually worthless and buy their own shares back to appear profitable on the balance sheet to pay out shareholders.

Below is a quite famous graph about how market sentiment rises and falls.

Fear & Greed Index


Imagine what the above chart would look like if company share buy backs were included?

The above chart can be applied to sentiment in cryptocurrencies.

When Bitcoin is rising we see floods of posts from new crypto 'experts'. These same experts disappear when Bitcoin falls of a cliff.

In the Hive ecosystem we do have many skilled people none of whom claim to be experts in cryptocurrencies but know considerably more than these fly by night shills.

Our growth is often a point of conversation but we have to remember that this is still a new technology and it can be quite complex to understand.

I would suggest that organic growth is the way to go. When you grow a project organically you get committed members.

I would like to give a great big thank you to the witnesses and development team that gave us Hive. @blocktrades in particular.

The Community.

Bloggers, vloggers, photographers and all the other creative people that spend their time filling the data blocks of the blockchain are very important. It's a symbiotic relationship.

Whose job is more important is not even a question. Each contribution is important.

Have a splendid New Year.

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