SteemPeak is Shutting Down for Good?!?...

SteemPeak was a popular front end for the Steem blockchain back when Steem had some credibility and oh how things have changed, after the hostile takeover of the Steem blockchain the developers of Steempeak announced the sunset of their efforts in creating the best front end for Steem and followed up by saying that after April 30th the website would no longer be available and May 1st would mark the absolute end of SteemPeak. (2).gif

The good news is that this same team redirected their efforts in to creating PeakD on the far superior Hive blockchain which has become my favourite front end to use where everything is at my fingertips, all credit goes to its founder @asgarth along with @jarvie and @dmytrokorol, i would like to personally thank the team for creating such a fantastic tool. (1).png
|Source| SteemPeak Homepage

As far as SteemPeak ending i can't say that i am sad to see it go, i am however grateful that the team did not give up and continued through the depressing hostile takeover of Steem that has turned that blockchain in to a relative wasteland with no real community or ecosystem to speak of. (1).gif

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