Review - Earn Nano while playing casino games for free


Today i would like to introduce you to Luckynano:


On this website you can earn Nano by playing casino games.

Available games at the moment are: Golden Slots, Dice, Roulette, Blackjack and Poker.


What i like is that you can play your favourite casino games without investing a cent but still earn a little bit.

Like with any other faucet site of course you won't get rich from this, but i think its better than investing your own money into games.

The faucet is not the actual way where you get the Nano though. In the faucet you claim tickets and with these tickets you will be able to play the games.

For example 1 ticket is one roll in the dice game.



There is also a level system which gets you more perks for rising up.

At the beginning you can store maximum of 100 tickets at once in your account to play games with. Rising in the levels also brings features like the amount of tickets you can bet on a dice or slot roll.

Once you get a higher level and bet more tickets you will also be able get win more Nano.

The only game where you need play with Nano and not with the tickets is Poker. You can either deposit your own Nano or of course just play with the Nano you have won in the other games.


Last but not least there is also a lottery. For the lottery you need tickets.
(not the same tickets like from the faucet)

These tickets you can claim for time to time in the websites own chat. By chatting you can earn up to 10 lottery tickets. And when you get lucky you can earn a bit Nano here as well.


So if you enjoy playing casino games, but dont wanna waste your own money and instead rather win a bit give Lucky Nano a try. Good luck ;)

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