My plans for the Splinterlands Vouchers


Everyone has been brainstorming about what the best move to make on Splinterlands will be, sell the vouchers, buy the vouchers....... sell DEC.....hold sps, start playing Splinterlands, quit it! I can bet that this has been the case since yesterday. Others that aren’t are busy assuring themselves that they’ve made the right move.

I wonder how much work goes into the tokenomics of every single project in this space all under the umbrella of the goal to increase demand with a subjectively definite supply which In turn will create a positive effect on the price of token, the human mind has gotten super creative over time, the innovations we’ve come about out of this drive alone have been astonishing.

I digress.

Like most people, I’ve also been brainstorming about the best move to make to optimally manage my Splinterlands assets. I got my first drip of VOUCHER yesterday, about 0.32. At this rate it’s going to take me 4days to get a whole 1, at the end of the airdrop, I’ll be having about 7.7 Vouchers.

I intend to buy at least 50 packs so I can take advantage of the 100% assurance of wining a promo card. 50 packs at $4 each will cost me $200, which seems like a fair purchase, however, doing that will require 50vouchers, if I hypothetically have 7.7 it means I’ll need 43.3 more which will cost around $866 using present market price of Vouchers.

It’ll take all the DEC I hold to do this, which I’m not sure I’ll want to do based on the fact that the DEC is a huge contributing factor to the amount of SPS airdrop I receive, I’m not sure holding Chaos Legion packs contributes to the airdrop points, it should, but I’ll need to clarify this.

However, instead of waiting till the end of the CL Presale before buying packs, in the mean time, I’ll be buying up packs immediately the VOUCHERS I receive become a whole number. At the end of the presale I should own at least 7 packs.

Good thing about this is that every pack gives me a 2% chance at receiving the promo card, so whether or not I get the 50 packs I intend to get, at least I get to increase my chances of getting the promo card.


At this point though, I’d expected that the price of SPS will be higher than it presently is, these markets can be funny sometimes, the amount of staked SPS currently dwarfs the amount of liquid SPS, I wonder how many more will be remaining at the end of the presale after removing all that will be staked and burned.

Truth about Vouchers is that they are scarce and you’d need close to $3,000 or little bit over—worth of SPS staked to get 1voucher per day. Due to this, people are more likely to hold or stake SPS rather than spend it, those that normally sell their SPS and those that are opting to wait till after presale period to get CL packs are better off spending Vouchers than spending SPS as they can continue to accumulate SPS to increase their voucher airdrops.

So fundamentally, the price of SPS should still hold long term with massive upward potential, unlike that of vouchers. I could be wrong though, things could get really interesting along the way and there’ll be some crazy demand for vouchers. Time will tell how they will turn out.

Don’t forget....battle till you drop. Thanks for reading.


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