Hive Curation: how can meritocracy be improved?


I started my blogging job on an Italian website, an interesting Italian website where many information could be found upon financial trading, betting exchange and of course, cryptocurrencies!

Later on I decided to start creating topics for an international audience and that is when I started publishing on Publish0x, and then, here I am also on

I love the fact that here, everything is recorded on the blockchain and I am really enjoying the Hive ecosystem. I am currently really involved into @Ecency, enjoying the HBD, converting them into HP. Yeah, I cannot get to setup the setting to 100%, lol! But hey, @blocktrades works really well.

Anyway, what I was intrigued the most was the Curation system. I liked a lot the idea of a democratic system for great content promotion, upvotes and rewards system. And understanding that 50% was for curators, I took that task very seriously! Not just for the money, but for the great chance to reward deserving authors with really crushing contents.

Anyway, what I discovered has been a lot of automation that aims to vote early the top-followed authors, making a rush to be among first voters to get the most out of the curation reward.
Curation, what was created for really worthy authors was led a mere mechanical upvoting system made by bots and automatic systems.


Let’s catch up a couple of samples: I think that bloggers and blog readers are very trained up BUT, is a 161 upvotes in just 6 minutes even possible? I wanted to hide the author and the post since it’s not something personal and I am sure that inserting also name of the author and the title would create some bad feelings.


And what about this? Can really 96 people have gone through all the article in 1 minute? What time does it take to refresh the page and read the whole article?


39 people finished an article in 51 seconds?
I think that the automatic follow-and-vote has got a little off of hand.
I think that curation on Hive should be taken again to a 100% meritocratic base, and what about a poll in the community to evaluate new parameters?

My first guess would be a check of too fast upvotes incoming into the post, upvotes that are too close among each other, a cross-check about the keywords contained into the article with the keywords most used from the upvoter to understand how much he can be really proficient into that topic.

Meritocracy on curation can bring more and faster Rising Star authors and even stimulate authors in doing their best for their contents.
These are my first clues on the topic, but I would love having more ideas from you all!

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