$DEC - My First Investment Interest in Splinterlands Ecosystem

After engaging splinterlands game for at least two weeks, I think I am convinced enough to through in some cash so I can improve my card deck and also stand to earn other goodies that is available for investors in the game and the entire splinterlands ecosystem.


While I was still contemplating on where to start, I saw this post by @rehan12 who x-rayed how DEC is trying to regain its soft peg value of $0.001. There is a paragraph in the post that was really catchy.

So what is happening with DEC?
Currently DEC is priced at $0.00080. As it is slowly moving towards pegged value. 20% more and there will be what we all have been seeking for. Dark Energy Crystal (DEC) is currently available for purchase or sell at two places (Actually three if we count UNISWAP).

The hive-engine market describes DEC (Dark Energy Crystals) are the in-game currency token for Splinterlands. DEC can be earned through gameplay or by sacrificing unworthy cards in your collection, and then use them to buy all sorts of great items in the game shop.

To my understanding, buying DEC now places me advantaged to earn 20% profit once DEC hits back the designed peg price. Even when I do not know how long it may take for that to happen but looking at the DEC market on tribaldex revealed a big 24h trading volume of $6,6416.6

Buying DEC now I believe will help me to raise funds to buy in-game assets like card packs, portions and other stuffs within the game that will help me win more battles and grow in my splinterlands investments.

Besides, I am looking forward to also providing liquidity in the many DEC pools. I do not know which of the pools would serve better in the future. When I start accumulating the tokens, I would know which of them to stack first. Meanwhile, I will read more about DEC and the possibilities available for it.

My DEC Goals

Except there are other reasons to look into another splinterlands asset like SPS in the meantime, my goal is to accumulate at least 10,000 DEC in the next 30 days. That should be enough to buy one Chaos Legion and one Tower Defense card packs. I would also be able to buy portions and a few cards that are very appealing to me at the moment having suffered a lot of defeat in the game play recently.

Is $DEC a good asset for a new investor in Splinterlands?

splinterlands has become my new found Gaming Addiction.

Who's in to join me as we make big fun that takes you to the bank each day, week, month? Start splinterlands here

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