The excitement with the impact of Leothread


The leothread interface is so exciting to use where the idea of socializing takes place. I feel overwhelmed to be using this as part of communicating with others in the blockchain which is so nice to use.

This however, I would say is our own twitter but in some point still better than it because we tend to benefit in so many ways when doing so.

We tend to get rewards from our actions there where upvote can still be rewarded to comments and other little interactive posting that can create awareness to contribute.

In my own point if view, I called it the home of "interaction and communication" where ideas are been shared to get the attention of others and still get rewarded for it as well.

It is no doubt very exciting to use and I would say I have no regret to be part in using it to interact with others which is fun and also entertaining.

In my opinion more people really need to know about this in other not to miss out in benefitting from it especially newbies who are joining to take part in blockchain.

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