Daily dabs / DBOND, the newest and best passive income token on hive ?

Hello recently two new post about @dailydabs appeard on the blockchain
Pitching the idea

Telling us how to buy and giving some more information

So let me review this token with my professional finance advise (I'm all but not an expert financial adviser, remember to DYOR)

First of all what is DBOND ?
DBOND is a token sold at the price of 1hive/unit aiming to create a 100% HIVE ecosystem built around Daily DAB which pays a daily HIVE drip.
DBOND mine DAB and you get hive for holding DAB, DBOND will pay out 15% ROI in form of DAB tokens. 6 month after the launch of the project you will be able to get your money back if you don't want you DBOND any more 1 DBOND = 1 Hive

What is DAB ? DAB is the token you will get for staking DBOND and holding it will bring daily hive drips, but staking BAD will bring you more DBOND but only liquide DAB payout hive

How will the project grow ?

As shown on this screenshot all the HivePower dailydab get will be delegated to @brofi or @stickupcurator and then the LGN + BRO will be sold and 80% of this hive will be payed out to holder, and 20% reinvested in the grow of DAB/DBOND
*By the way this could be the only bad point i'v seen for the moment but this will bring a large amount of LGN/BRO sells daily and maybe lower the price of both of these tokens

Tokenomics ?

The numbers of DAB BOND is 1Million if all the tokens are sold this would grant really big hive drips to the presale buyer and long term big grow of the project

Compounding ?

Yes you can compound you rewards to earn even more, i will do this stake my DBONDS and then stake all the DAB i get daily to get even more DBONDS

Is DBONDS safe ?
Absolutly founded by @silverstackeruk & @raymondspeaks, for example raymondspeaks is admin of the BRO community so the project should be safe

When can you buy DBOND ?
Now send any amount of hive to @dailydab and get your DBONDS at the end of the public sale
Planning :

If you have any other question feel free to ask in the comments
Thanks for reading

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