A new month, a new Power Up Day


This is becoming a thing! Thinking I won't be able to power up but end up doing it! I know it's not the best way of doing it, and also is not the amount I'd like to power up but I fin a bit of comfort in the fact of doing it no matter what.
I've been less than active lately and that's something I'd like to change, I need to push myself a bit harder on that, stop leaving drafts half way through and forgetting about them until I lose interest and end up deleting them. Self confidence plays an important part on this, I still have to manage the self doubt of thinking maybe the content is not interesting enough for others to read, being a bit of a perfectionist makes it a struggle, but I know that it only takes a bit more effort (I'm not proud of it, but it is what it is).


This time my HP grew only 3.56% but, for the little bit of activity I've had, it's a big deal *I just realized, I only posted twice since last PUD 😩😩😩*, which leads me to a decision of setting a goal for next month of powering up to make my HP at least 15% bigger *baby steps*, every bit of power up makes the hive a little bigger.
Congratulations in advance to everyone powering up today and good luck with the prize pool if that's what you are aiming for! And, thanks to everyone making this an amazing community!
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