Good morning hivers I hope you are all doing good and well so the reason for writing here is to talk on how I started crypto and the means by which I got some coins which I have now. So it has not been too long since I was introduced to crypto currency not even that I was introduced I had to use crypto to make some payment then and there was no other option than to start it because I don't really hive ideas on how the crypto works then, so back then in 2020 during the Corona pandemic when there was no place to go than to just sit down in the house and look for means to survive online, I met with this online investment called earnersfx which help people trade little money into profit so I was privileged to join with a little amount.

After gaining from the investment and we were to be paid the only medium there is through crypto so I had to go open a wallet so I can be able to receive the money so after I received the money, I saw the way it was rising from the initial state which was deposited in the wallet that was the first reason that made me fall in love with crypto but later I was told it not always rising but then I started understanding crypto better. Not long I joined a WhatsApp group which I was invited by my friend and the group is just about giving update on crypto currency, any new coin which has been listed, there will definitely be an update on it.

But the funniest part is that most of my coins which I have now, I got them through the medium of airdrop. Different type of rising and not yet known coin which I was able to accumulate on telegram and also I got some coin from Twitter offer which we were asked to drop our wallet address for a certain coin and we were credited after ward. That inspire me to start getting new coin and trading in crypto currency. I am now a lover of crypto because it is life.

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