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If there was one thing or group of asset that stood out for me for 2021 it would be none other than Splinterlands. For those who follow me or readers of my blog know me Splinterlands has brought me huge unrealized crypto gains I have ever had since I started investing in cryptocurrency. The best part about this is I was not even playing it for the money.

This post is my entry to @guilltyparties initiative to ask hive bloggers to reflect the year 2021 and explain the best thing that happen to them on that is related to the hive blockchain. Link to his post here.

Almost 5 Years With Hive


A quick recap of my Hive experience. I started out on Steemit in middle of 2017 and when the Hive fork happened I switched over to Hive. Since then I have gradually increased my participation on blogging using the Hive Blockchain. Whether using my favorite tribes ecency.com, neoxiancity, leofinance, or music4life I have now been posting daily.

Most of my current daily posts are related to Hive games. Specific games such as Splinterlands and Rising Stars. What was original a way to for me to pass time turn into a passion. I started Rising Stars in early 2020 during global lock down, but started Splinterlands much earlier around late 2018.

I would not have imagine how much I would earn and be able to thrive in crypto just because of playing crypto games. Yet here I am nearly in six figures in unrealized crypto gains and still growing. Here is my Hive Highlight of 2021, My Journey and success in Splinterlands.

My continuing journey of Splinterlands in 2021


I started out the year doing what I had been doing the prior two years on Hive and Splinterlands. I was blogging once or twice a week on Hive.blog and using the post rewards to invest in Splinterlands cards. The earned rewards were enough only for low level cards but I was able to add multiple cards each week. I was basically stacking Splinterlands cards.

Then around May and June prices of many of the cards started to rise. At that point in time I stopped purchasing cards as my post rewards was not enough to purchase cards that I needed to keep my collection to play competitively.


Market Cap of all Splinterlands maybe off its highs but it finished 2021 over 1000% higher! The price appreciation of the cards were so high it was making it difficult for me to keep pace in adding cards to my collection.

Non-Fungible Tokens Learning Curve

NFTs become hot in 2021 and Splinterlands capitalized on it. The game throughout 2021 was emphasized to being a play 2 earn game. On top of all that I was and still am using some of Splinterlands' NFTs to earn passive income.


I daily visit Peakmonsters.com to review my rental cards and earnings. I keep my income as high as possible on a daily basis while also playing the game to earn more rewards. At current prices every 1,000 DEC I earn is worth about $5. I earn around 4,000 DEC a day, making it about $20 in earnings each day just on Splinterlands.



Not only did my assets in Splinterlands grew in value I was also able to earn a daily passive income. With all the additional income I started investing more into Hive Power and that motivated me into blogging daily to earn more Hive Power. A positive feedback loop.

With the additional earnings I continue to invest more into Hive and Splinterlands to increase my footprint on the Hive ecosystem. Overall 2021 has been a phenomenal year for me in cryptocurrency. I look forward to 2022 being even better.

None of what I write is financial advice. It is for entertainment purposes only. Thanks for reading!

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