My first Hive Power Up Day - December 2020

Finally, 4 months after joining Hive, I’m participating in my very first Hive Power Up Day!

Like most new people on Hive, I wanted my upvotes to have at least a non-zero value attached to them, even if that infamous 0.001 is insignificant for many of the people who receive it. So, of course, I tended to power up as often as possible, pretty much every day or even more, and even very small amounts. But, end of October, I first heard about this great Hive Power Up Day and liked the idea. If you don’t know about it, you can check @traciyork posts, for instance this December official announcement. It was too late for November, but I decided I would start saving all my liquid Hive, convert all my HBDs just before November end, and power it up on December 1st!

I discovered Hive through the Actifit dapp, and before joining I had no idea what Hive or crypto in general was (to be honest, I’m still very ignorant on that topic). I have zero presence on other social media, I am not a blogger, and so at first, I thought I would just post my Actifit reports every day, and that would be it. But after some time, I started discovering great communities, too many to list here, and found myself enjoying browsing through the amazing content. I am still no blogger, and probably never will be, and I’m only really interacting with @Actifit, @exhaust and @runningproject communities. But here I am posting on my first Hive Power Up Day!

Now, if you’re like me, you like numbers and stats, so let’s quickly dive into it. Thanks to the support from great curators, even with my limited posting, November was a great month rewards-wise. Sometimes, I almost feel my dog pictures-filled Actifit reports don’t deserve it, but I really appreciate the support.


I started with 124HP and without powering up the whole month, I finished close to 180HP.


In addition to these rewards, I also got a big help from @AdventureReady and the #AutomaticWin (along with the new #Win) initiative. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a great initiative by @wil.metcalfe, and built on top of your Actifit steps. Please make sure to check it out here AutomaticWin.

All combined, that allowed me to save almost 145 Hive.


For some of you, it’s probably like a drop in the bucket, but I’m quite proud of it, it’s way more than I hoped when I decided to join December #HivePUD. In addition to @AdventureReady, I must also thank the people around the communities I already mentioned: @Actifit, @exhaust and @runningproject.

And finally, the actual Power Up:


That brings my total to over 324HP and that is great! I can now start curating and also delegating to these same accounts. Again, I absolutely realize this won't be much, but with the support I received, I’ve been wanting to help since I joined, and I can finally do so. Even if it’s just a little bit.
Next HPUD will be next year, let's see what 2021 brings us!

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