Hive Power Up Day - March 2021


Hey Hivers, it's Power Up Day already! Time always seems to fly way too quick, but with this short February month, it just felt so fast! And when you add the fact I had to make an emergency trip due to a very sad event, I just can't believe it's already March. Anyways, here we are for my fourth participation in a row to Hive Power Up Day #HPUD. This is also the smallest with only 11.111 HP powered up.


It is partly due to the reasons above but of course also thanks to Hive going up significantly this month. I'm glad it did appreciate like that, but of course it made HBD conversion not so attractive, particularly compared to the crazy HBD prices end of February.

For all the same reasons, my account growth slowed down a bit in absolute HP value (not in estimated account value of course). But I'm glad I was able to keep it almost steady in spite of very limited time available. Starting the month with about 590HP, I'm ending it with about 635HP. Like I said, not as many HP as previous months, but still better than expected considering everything.


Also going well is my SPORTS token account. After getting past the Million tokens milestones early in February, I just powered up to reach around 1.25M and still growing. The SPORTS curation is yielding nice returns, actually better than Hive curation itself.


As I am flying back home tomorrow, March should be a more 'normal' (whatever that word means now) month for me. Let's see if I can make it a great Hive (and SPORTS) month.

Wish you all luck in your Power ups!

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