Hive Power Up Day - April 2021


Hey Hivers,

Spring has arrived, and on this April Fools' day, it's also Hive Power Up Day #HPUD of course! I'm proud to participate for the fifth time in a row, every month since I discovered this tradition back in December last year.

First of all, I'd like to thank again @traciyork and @jeanlucsr for last month's prizes. Like I mentioned, February was a bit special for me, and it was really appreciated. After March, and a return to my somewhat normal routine, I didn't want to power up a random number and decided to let the satanist speak with 66.666HP, the number of the Beast! A sudden rise in HBD price allowed me to convert a few more just yesterday. That is still not as much as my first ever #HPUD, but it's 6 times more than last month, and it will get me another level 2 badge from @hivebuzz, so I'm pretty satisfied.


Account growth is also back to a slightly better performance. I started the month with about 648HP and finished around 709HP. Thanks to a few big upvotes, and a very big one, this is significantly better than last month, and considering the Hive price still going up, this is even better.


Back in February, I also started updating about my SPORTS token account. It's still going well. After adding about 250k tokens in February, I was able to add over 307k in March. That brings my total to almost 1.55M tokens. Next target is 2M of course, but I believe a more reasonable objective for April is around 325k, which would get me close to 1.875M tokens.


As I hinted last month, the SPORTS curation brings me good yields, typically around 26%, while I usually hover around 10% only with HIVE curation. I'm starting to understand how having separate accounts for these curations would be helpful, but I am just too lazy, at least for now.
Finally, I also powered up all my other Hive-Engine tokens, but these accounts are still very small, and not yet worth detailing here.

Onto the next month now, wish you all luck in your various HIVE Power Ups!

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