HIVE and SPORTS Power Up Day - September 2021


Hey Hivers,

A new month is starting, that must mean it's Power Up Day again! August was a little bit different as I spent most of it away from home and visiting my family, but most days I was able to get a connection, and maintain some of my usual posting and curating.


Let's start with the Power Up today of course. I wasn't able to save as much HIVE as last month, but I reached my favorite 66.666HP, and it was powered up. That will get me another level 2 badge from @hivebuzz. I'm starting to have a decent collection, since it is my tenth participation in a row to Hive Power Up Day.


In addition to the usual monthly Power Up, I decided to also send a few HBD to my Savings to benefit from the 10% APR. This month, only 5HBD. I will see in the next few months if I increase these Savings.


Now, concerning the account growth, it is once again somewhat steady. I started the month with 1527HP and finished with 1591HP. It is slightly less than last month, but with the HBD savings, and the current HIVE price, that is not too surprising. After today's Power UP, the total is 1657HP!
Like I said, steady is the key:



The acceleration I noticed last month was confirmed in August: it's a second month with an over 700k increase. That's better than I had hoped for. My total is now at 4.23M staked SPORTS tokens. Like I also mentioned previously, after tweaking my Vote weight Multiplier in Leodex, I am now able to consistently get over 30% APR curation returns, as compared to the 11% I usually get for HIVE. Of course, with compounding effect, that adds up quickly!
Here's the growth, showing the recent acceleration:



  • For HIVE, I hope to keep this steady growth. That means that overall I add at least 130HP every month. I will see how this month goes, and hopefully reevaluate this objective higher.
  • For SPORTS, I have an aggressive target of 5M for the end of September. That means I must have an even better month than the last two. I believe it's possible, but it definitely won't be easy.
  • Other Hive Engine tokens. As usual, I powered up a bunch of other tokens, but none with a significant power yet. I am hoping to reach 5000 DUNK tokens very soon though. After that, I can start thinking of targets.

Another month complete on Hive, I hope all is good for you as well, good luck y'all and onto September!

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