HIVE and SPORTS Power Up Day - June 2021


Hey Hivers,

With just about 3 weeks before it's officially Summer, it's that time again: Hive Power Up Day #HPUD. I'm doing my best to stay consistent, and this is my seventh participation in a row. Just like April, the Satanist in me decided on the amount: 66.666, the number of the Beast! It's a drop compared to last month, but enough to get me another Level 2 badge from @hivebuzz, I like getting badges! And of course, I want to use the opportunity to thank again @hivebuzz for the 3 week delegation, this is a great bonus.


In a post early May, I detailed the milestones I was able to reach: 1000HP and 2Millions SPORTS Power. And the plan for this month was of course to just stay the course.

Hive account growth stayed very steady and comparable to previous few months. Starting with 981HP, I finished around 1061HP before powering up. After the power up, it brings my total to 1128HP. I'm sure some new accounts can show much faster growth, but after 10 months on the blockchain, mostly limited to Actifit and Exhaust, that is very reasonable, and I'm happy with it.


And since I like charts, this is my account power growth since I started participating in #HPUD. Like I said, steady growth.


Being involved mostly with Actifit and Exhaust, it makes sense the only Hive-Engine token I am really focused on for now is SPORTS. After powering up everything today, it brings my total over 2.32M staked. That means I added about 375k tokens this month, slightly less than last month, but more than my current target of 350k tokens per month.


Similar to Hive Power, the growth has been steady, with an acceleration the last couple of months. Hopefully I can keep this trend for a few more months. It's an aggressive goal, but if I do keep this trend, I should be able to reach the 3M SPORTS Power milestone before my one year anniversary on Hive end of July. Let's see how June goes before we might need to adjust it.
I started very slowly staking a couple of other Hive-Engine tokens, but it's still very few for now.


Overall, May was another decent month, I hope yours was good as well. Good luck y'all, keep it up, and onto June now!

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