Happy New Year! Hive Power Up Day January 2021


First of all, happy new year to everybody! I wish you all the best for 2021!

Last month was my first participation in Hive Power Up Day #HPUD, it was a good one for me. It was enough for me to receive the level 3 Power Up Day badge from @hivebuzz and rewards from @traciyork and @improv, and of course made my upvote a little bit more valuable. I was hoping I could match the amount for this January Power Up Day, but I couldn’t. I’m still getting the level 2 badge, so that’s not a bad month.


Considering I am still really interacting with only a few communities (once again, thanks a lot to @actifit, @adventureready, @exhaust and @runningproject), and for now mostly just being a reader on many others, my account has been steadily growing at a similar pace. I started December at around 325HP and finished it just above 378HP.


Just like last month, I kept my liquid Hives for Power Up Day, and the total at the end of the month was about 55HP.


It was entirely powered up today.


That brings my total to 434HP, which once again will help curating and delegating more. I am now hoping to join Power Up Day every month, and let’s hope 2021 is a great year for everybody and for Hive!

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