Achievement: 3 Millions SPORTS tokens staked


Hey Hivers and SPORTS fans,

After all the sports we could watch over this week end, I just wanted to write this short post with an update on my SPORTS tokens account. About 6 weeks ago, in my June Power Up day post, I mentioned my objective was to reach 3M SPORTS staked before the end of July, which will be my 1 year anniversary on HIVE. At the time I thought it was a somewhat aggressive target, but I am glad to announce that with the tokens I staked yesterday, that objective is already reached, 3 weeks ahead of schedule.


I've never purchased tokens on the market, which means they were all earned via posting, commenting and curating. The main way for me to accumulate SPORTS tokens is to post my @actifit reports almost every day (sorry for the tagging but I want to thank again @edkarnie here, as he's been a great support with my reports), and my running (along with a bit of cycling) activities in the @exhaust community.
My SPORTS curation returns are also pretty good, somewhere between 25 and 30% APR, which is way higher than the returns I get with my HIVE curation. By adjusting my SPORTS Vote Weight Multiplier in Leodex, I believe I can make it even better, possibly around 40%. I just need to play a bit with the value for this multiplier.
But recently, I also started participating in the Engagement project from @amr008 (sorry again for the tagging but I like this project), and it was a big help. In case you are not aware of this project, this is a way to reward engagement on various tribes (including Sportstalksocial of course) via their native front ends, while also generating revenues for delegators with dividends every week. Check it out on his last report post for instance: Engagement Project

I am still very positive on the potential of SPORTS, and for now, I will keep staking everything I earn. Now my new objective for the end of the month is reasonable: an additional 250k to finish the month, and complete a full year on the chain with 3.25M SPORTS tokens staked. If I can reach that number, then I will need to think of my new objectives going forward. With possibly some vacations coming up, I may be away from computers and internet connections for a few days, or more, and that needs to be taken into account. Maybe, that's where delegations would be a good idea. We will see.

That's all for now, I will be back with an update probably with my August Power Up Day post. Have a great week ahead!

PS: I hope it's okay to use the Sportstalksocial main picture in this kind of posts. If not, please let me know and I'll make sure to remove it.

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