Things to be done to become a successful entrepreneur - Part 1

Not all entrepreneurs can be successful but for the stubborn ones full of creativity in generating ideas they picture themselves in situations and try solving the issues for example; before a seller goes into a business she checks around the neighborhood or sorroundings tomnotice what other sellers are not selling.

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What they are not selling isnโ€™t actually the main part of the business formation, then the next thing is to observe at what capacity of standard of living and cost of living the neighborhood entails if she is to start venturing into luxurious goods which they be willing to pay for but are they going to be able to and if it is to venture in perishable goods are they going to buy the stock market in due time for her to get more so the goods dosent get spoilt.

Entrepreneur put these ideas in mind before going into the business thatโ€™s why out there we have the high level entrepreneurs, the middle level entrepreneurs and the lower level entrepreneurs.

They are all said to be risk takers the ones at the Low level take the highest risk because being at a low level and maintaining it means any small bend or shift would lead to their immmediate downfall or liquidity. While for the middle class entrepreneurs I would rather say they are on the fence of progress and downfall they are on they are on the fence but they being there too means they have all it takes to become big by increasing their pace in the business by minimizing cost to ascertain maximized profit they are said to be the HUMPTY DUMPTY entrepreneurs.

Then the high level entrepreneur are the ones at the high peak who has matured in the business the different type of risk being taken to get to the top with new level of risk and any sudden mistake might only lead to bankruptcy and not liquidation because for them to get to that level they would have would have made ties or created special relationships bonds with other business enterprises to merge or help to recover back the company too good step up stage or to its full capacity productive state.

To become a successful entrepreneur is not mostly about being rich in having money to start mostly any business noticed people are doing. It is about being creative and having great mind incentive and affiliate because it is needed in terms of business.

To become successful means one must have gone through different plan works and even if it does becomes successful there muct be a contingency plan to help the entrepreneur prepared for the unknown circumstance no matter how big or small it is going to be.

To be successful he would have enough experience to guide on relation of ideas through past experiences or problems or perheros external problems facing external environments in the past ages which might also be called the use of the rule of thumb.

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