Kibernacia-crypto event

Yesterday I attended to one crypto event, called Kibernacia.
It was happening in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia.
To tell the truth I really don’t like the place where it was - the techno club Exe, because I had bad experience in this club, but finally this event was without problems.

Ivan Dragolov is the guy who organised this event. He is a popular crypto youtuber in Bulgaria.


He spoke not that much, but at least his followers had the opportunity to meet him personally. Ivan is currently trying to build some community from Bulgarians who are interested in the world of crypto and blockchain. The difference between “Киберхора” and those Bulgarians who use Hive is that the first still don’t have platform to do it and they are using Telegram. Fortunately for them, they are way bigger, motivated and have skills ;)


Such events are very good for networking. I spoke with a few guys and they are already on my contract list. Of course, most of the guys who attended are working in web3.0 projects or have their own crypto startup.


Also, one of the other bulgarian youtubers that I follow, Militsa Dimitrova spoke. She is a representative of which were sponsors of the event. Of course, they were other like:
NEXO, vEmpire, Evedo, cryptoborsi and etc.

After this there was a giveaway of total 2k usdt, 3 ledgers and other things, but I wasn’t one of the winners.
Such events are good for networking and to meet new people and to share new projects, so probably soon I will share some of the projects that I learned yesterday.
Have a good day to everyone 🍀

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