Crypto PandaHero: Steps to obtain free NFT (Airdrop) for a limited time


Panda Hero is an upcoming strategy PvP blockchain game expecting to launch at the end of October 2020. For a limited time only, you can complete some simple tasks which I will guide you through step-by-step below, to participate in the free NFT (used to mine PDH and SAPL tokens) airdrop event.

The picture below is a screenshot with information on NFT from their whitepaper.


Here is the link to their whitepaper on Medium:

You will need a Telegram and Twitter account to participate.

There are 120+ types of NFT in PandaHero. This airdrop will release 2000 NFTs of them to the community.
At first, You have 95% probability to get an R NFT with 10 contri/h,and 5% to get an SR NFT with 30 contri/h. As you invited more and more people, your probability getting SR NFT will increase up to 30%.
NFTs can be used to mine PDH and SAPL tokens. Daily output will be divided according to the contribution you get from NFT staking.
We'll select 2000 people from all participators randomly to send them an R or SR NFT.

  • The pre-task would be to enter a captcha code

WeChat Image_20201017172703.jpg

  • The first task is to follow their Twitter account and just send them your Twitter account as reference

WeChat Image_20201017172716.jpg

  • The second task would be to join their official Telegram group

WeChat Image_20201017172720.jpg

  • It will then tell you to enter the full name of the game. (Answer already provided in bold)

WeChat Image_20201017172724.jpg

  • Last step would be to enter your EOS account and wait for the good news. :)

WeChat Image_20201017172730.jpg

Good Luck!

Links and references:

PandaHero Official Medium:

PandaHero Whitepaper on Medium:

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