Stress level and risk of scams when investing in digital assets


Most likely the title of this publication, for some readers, has some relation with negative experiences when investing in projects running on the blockchain, as well as with very positive and highly profitable experiences.

With the emergence of non-fungible tokens, plus the explosive development of games that offer the possibility of capitalizing on digital assets, millions of people have been attracted not only to explore this segment of the crypto market, but also to invest substantial sums of real money, without considering the risks implicit in this type of digital investments.

When I speak of implicit risks in this type of digital investments, I do it punctually to the scams that represent the so-called Scam projects, which are like electronic traps, where unscrupulous people offer a highly profitable product, an element that attracts hundreds of people and then the product ends up being a scam.

These fake products that arise in the so-called Scam projects, today, are the common denominator and therefore anyone who intends to invest in cryptocurrencies, specifically in projects associated with non-fungible tokens, should be extremely cautious not to become victims of scams.

Source / Author: Mohamed_hassan, 2018

When a person decides to invest in these projects, the probability of being swindled is a latent idea, which evidently generates constant stress levels, an action that generates psychological instability for fear of losing economic resources.

In closing, I wanted to transcribe this post a bit to contextualize and call for reflection to all those people who for some reason are considering investing in projects associated with non-fungible tokens or any other digital product that offers high profitability, so that they first investigate what is behind each project and whether it would really be worth taking the risk of investing.


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