Join The Campaign To Double The Hive User Base.


It is no longer news that the Leo marketing campaign vía Zealy Quest which is aimed at doubling Hive user base has begun dated 11th September, 2023.

If you haven't heard or read about it, or do not even know what it is all about, you can read the official announcement by @leogrowth here.

I also invite you to join me as I show you a sneak peak of what the campaign is all about, and how to be part of it.

What is the campaign all about?

This campaign called "Outreach" is an initiative by the Leo Team to bring in more users into the Hive ecosystem retain them and get them converted to active users so they get to enjoy the benefits of being on Hive.
Hive as a decentralized ecosystem is large enough to house thousands of users who would be actively engaging on a daily.

As the new users are getting onboard via the Hive lite, they are not bombarded with the technicalities of the blockchain, rather they will be given some time to engage, interact with others and get used to the interface and probably earn some tokens. Then from there they will be prompted to learn more about the ecosystem.
You will agree with me that in this way, they will definitely want to stay, learn and become more active users.

Being in Hive for a couple of months now, I can attest to the numerous opportunities that abound here. I've been able to get connected to new people turned friends, interact, share ideas and learn from them too. I have learnt how to create quality contents, both long form and short form called leothreads.
Not only that I get to earn from these contents and so many other benefits.
So I want other users to benefit from these opportunities, that is why I have joined the campaign and also encourage you to do so.

Screenshot from my zealy page

This campaign will run concurrently from the month of September till December, 2024 and Each month has it's own target with a prize pool for all the participants.
The target for September is to bring in 450 new users into the Hive and the prize pool is huge, 5,000 HBD, amazing right?

Just like the adoption campaign for the LeoFinance new UI interface held May, 2023 became a huge success, this one too, will record massive success because the Leo Team has set out modalities for it to be so, but they also need the support of every Hivian to make it so.
So this is more or less like a clarion call for all to join in this campaign to help make our Hive community grow. Hive is for all of us and we need to showcase the beauty of Hive to the world.
Who knows from this campaign too, we gain the attention of new investors into the ecosystem. Hive is still a fertile ground that any real investor would be interested in. So it behoves on all of us to make it work. all hands must be on deck.

Since the past few days, I have seen seeing posts from new users in the various communities on Hive and on Leothreads too, and I want to see more get onboard and probably follow and get followed too. I also want to engage and interact with them too, I know you would also want that.

What is expected of Participants

Every registered Hivian is eligible to participate, no restrictions at all.
But first you need to get onboard the zealy site, and to do this just click on this invite link to join.
Once you complete the registration process, go ahead and start with completing the quests, no delay at all.

Since the campaign will run for a month, there is bound to be daily, weekly, and monthly quests to be completed, but hey don't be afraid because they are going to be very easy, fun and exciting too. Yes I believe so and you need to.

Spreading the news about the beauty opportunities and benefits that abound in Hive in all other Web2 platforms like Twitter now X, Facebook TikTok, Instagram, Medium etc and outside wouldn't be that difficult, don't you think?
And to do this, you are expected to log in to the zealy site, complete the available tasks called quests, claim points and position yourself in the leaderboard, getting the top should also be at the back of your mind.

Here's are some tips to help you in this campaign

  • Always endeavor to log in everyday and on time too.
  • Read the instructions on any quest first, and very carefully too to be able to understand what is expected of you. If you do not understand, please ask questions either on threads or the discord channel so you can be clarified.
  • Go ahead and carry out the task, then claim quest and once it's confirmed, you earn your points.

  • Be a team player. Although these tasks are on individual basis, but there will come a time when someone will reach out to you for help and assistance, please do not relent to do so. Support each other, it's much fun if all win together.

  • Don't forget to Invite more frens to join.

Final Note

Human beings are assets, the more Hive user base grows, the more it creates an opportunity for investors into the ecosystem. This we can do and we must do.

The Leo Power Up Day
is in a few days, hope you are getting ready to be part of it.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

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