September historically is not good for Bitcoin

In recent weeks, the price of Bitcoin has been like a kind of roller coaster, staying between USD 10,000

The price of Bitcoin remains on the edge of USD 10,000, now it is in coinmarketcap 10,340.18 with a volume of USD 113,693,930,394 and a market capitalization of USD 191,228,689,639 which is equivalent to 18,485,962 BTC, the cryptocurrency It is in a tough fight to stay above USD 10,000, as a kind of a roller coaster, its forecast becomes totally unpredictable, although many think that it does not support much and its price falls to USD 9,000, historically the month of September for Bitcoin It has not been good, the return on investment ends negatively, except for the years 2012, 2015 and 2016, where the balances were positive.

For the year 2011, the price closed below how August had ended, in that year it ended down with -38%, in 2012 it was its best closing when it ended positively with 24% up, in 2013 closed down with -3%, 2014 with -18%, in 2015 it obtained its second positive September ending on the rise with 4% the same as 2016 with 4%, 2017 returned to its downward trend when closing with -12%, 2018 with -8% and last year with -15%, for an average of -7% this month.

For Bitcoin it will be important to break the barrier of USD 10,100, in order to think about a speedy recovery, traders believe that it will be like this, taking into account the last uptrend of July when it went from USD 9,000 to USD 12,000, a setback that It could be said that it is necessary to neutralize the futures market, because that is where the daily volume of Bitcoin comes from, using a mechanism called "financing" to achieve an equilibrium in the Bitcoin market.

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