Marketing Update 26 / A few Hive review videos / Brave ads landing page in works / complete redesign.


Just wanted to quickly update everyone on the work last week.

  • There have been a few Hive review videos published. There will be another one this week. I call this light promotion since its fairly cheap and I simply send out basic Hive info and the reviewer does their thing.

  • This video got around 1600 views:

  • This video got around 2800 views:

  • I recently activated my sub to a influencer search engine. That will help a lot in finding good influencers to promote Hive.

  • I will be getting help moving forward when it comes to finding good youtubers (tech, crypto) that we will either contact for reviews or interviews.

  • Recently I've commissioned to make a new landing page for Brave ads. Something with a larger focus on exchange trading pairs. That page is close to finish. I will share it once its done.

  • Because I liked the page so much, its modern look, and it was really cheap, I inquired with a number of people if they wanted to see a complete redesign of the site.
    I cannot promise it will be used and it will be on the current devs to decide if they want to use it or not but based on some of the responses the new design got, Id give it a good chance of being accepted. We might do a poll, see what people think onchain.

  • This isnt marketing related but since Im doing it, I might as well I will be airdropping NFT art with characters based on some of the more popular Hive folks. There is currently 50 different characters but there will be multiple NFTs made of each. Their rarity determined by stake size.

  • There is also one more big thing that will excite a lot of people, that I cannot confirm at this moment, but will most likely share in the next update, so stay tuned!😉

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