Marketing Update 20/ Podcast success/ Hive informational video/ Instagram results


  • I have been getting some big hits with the crypto podcasts lately for the @threespeak founders. Id also like to see if anyone from the @splinterlands team would be willing to go on podcasts to talk Hive and Splinterlands. (@aggroed, @yabapmatt?)

Next week Dan is going to be on a decently popular show, I cant disclose the name yet but I will share it on my blog.
Also, yesterday, with the help of one of our whales I managed to score a guest spot for Matt (@starkerz) and Dan (@theycallmedan) on a show from one of the most well known crypto personalities in the space, for September.
If all the talks pan out, Hive should be talked about in front of crypto personality audiences that have collectively 500k+ followers.

  • A "Coinbase Earn" type video with an original animation that will be set to each talking paragraph (voice acted) has been commissioned and should be ready inside 20 days.
    The video should be about 2 minutes long.


I wrote the script for the video and it was approved, proof read, by 5 other people.
The content of the video deals with Hive basics, it explains what Hive is in the most basic of ways so a layman can understand. It also touches on "Community Tokenization" as the killer feature coming to Hive.
This was planned, but looking at prices, it was in excess of 3000-5000 USD. Thx to @coininstant for remining me to look again which got me to finding something much, much cheaper.

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  • The data has come from the recent instagram promotional post. There were 80 000 post views, 10 000 likes, 580 comments, 1600 linktree clicks. 35% of them went to "Download APP" option. 25% on Hiveonboard "Create Account" which netted around 45 signups. Only 3% clicked on the blogging option.

I dont know how many signups happened through Ecency or how many times the app was downloaded (at this point in time) but I will check at the end of my deal with Political Compass and the other 4 post.
I will be doing 4 more of these so if anyone has any memes, short content, mainstream discussion related news that Hive relates to...

PLEASE SEND THEM OVER to me on discord or on email:

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