I wanted to fill in everyone on the work that has been done since my last update.

Last Friday we had a kick-off discussion where I was introduced to all Ignite team members that will be working on our campaign as well as their responsibilities.
Our active team right now consists of 5 marketing experts for each marketing channel, 1 digital strategist that is the team coordinator and their COO will be involved closely as well. Outside the team theres also the "client success manager" that ill have monthly calls with, alongside the weekly 1 hour scheduled calls with the team.

Counting myself, the current Hive marketing team consists of 8 people.

A short breakdown since last update:

  1. I have secured $57256 USD after selling 27791 HBD (HBD aprox. $2) before @blocktrades temporarily removed his vote from all proposals to support multiple HBD stabilizer proposals.
  2. I had the Kick-off call with Ignite on Friday (team introductions and general Hive talk)
  3. HIVE-integrated board has been created on
  4. I have organized a group with few Hive witnesses and dapp owners that will monitor my work, jump in when technical help is needed, provide feedback "in real time" if necessary.
  5. I have collected around 700 (1.5GB) pieces of HIVE assets in the form of gifs, graphics, art, videos and forwarded to Ignite.
  6. Ive set up the ad account for Ignite on the HIVE Facebook business page.
  7. On Tuesday we had our first weekly call where I discussed the marketing channel strategies
  8. Ive filled out their PR, influencer marketing, advertising questionnaires for month 1.
  9. Last night I received the "Influencer marketing" strategy proposal and I approved it after a minor revision.

The things that still need doing from my side is setting up Google Analytics, providing Google Tag Manager access and Google Search console access for That is something I'm getting help for from @guiltyparties.

Relating to Influencer Marketing, we are taking a non-partisan, all inclusive approach to promotion. They will use their analytics tools that track influencers based on interests, buzz words, topics, politics. etc. Target interests will ofc be based around, freedom of speech, new tech, opposition to cancel culture, censorship resistance, financial independence. etc. The goal is to attract influencers for free, have them create their own communities on HIVE, but in case payment is requested (Budget 3000 USD monthly), that will be sent to me for prior approval.
We will leverage influencers to promote HIVE while having them promote dapps based on their niche if applicable.

Goal is to attract general users, developers and investors in order to increase token value.

Its important to state that the success of Influencer marketing will be tied into the success of every other marketing channel. Redesign of the landing page, assets created for it, CRO, ads, etc. play a big part in the functioning of the whole comprehensive campaign.
In the coming days I will be approving strategies for each of the other channels.

The matter of personal compensation:

This is something I have to mention shortly as this has become a personal concern of mine with the pause of the proposal funding and the current shared (by some) whale sentiment:

"no work done is worth to us more than taking advantage of high HBD price".

I do not consider myself a greedy person but at this point in time the work Ive done already is closing to 5 months and is proving to be more work than I initially anticipated. Future work being managing all the marketing efforts.
The 2400 HBD I've requested already has been mostly to satisfy the tax requirements so I can even provide this service to the HIVE community.
My work started in December and includes vetting numerous marketing agencies, having initial discussions with 3 of them, eventually choosing Ignite.
First contact was made with Ignite on 15. December. Our correspondence includes more than 150 emails and 7+ hours of live calls.

In that, working with them I had to develop a 5 channel marketing strategy that serves as basis for the upcoming campaign. Providing materials to them, explaining HIVE intricacies, pitching HIVE,
helping them understand a very complex system, lobbying to even get the proposal to pass. I also had to revise the fee structure with them numerous times. I had to revise the contract twice. I had to deal with the tax regulations (something I will have more work with)
I would include the return of 200 000 HIVE to the community, now valued at $115 000 USD as part of these efforts as well. I was aware that without getting those funds back, the likelihood of getting marketing for HIVE approved was very low which is why I put effort into it.
I have not asked for any compensation for my efforts in retrieving those funds.

At the end of the currently planned campaign in August I will be providing services to HIVE for 8 months. I do not want to find myself at the end of that period getting a pat on the head and a thank you very much.
My stake does not justify this amount of work for free.

In the coming weeks I will be doing a proposal for personal compensation for the work done so far.

Stay tuned for the next update 😉