How is the economical situation in your country?

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On Wednesdays we always have our mission posts on Liotes. In these posts, we ask you some specific questions regarding a topic.

The Liotes Mission

By taking part in the Liotes missions, you can win credits that will help you to increase your score and your title in the Liotes Ranking.

Today's challenge

Today we would like to learn about the economical situation in your country.

The hive community spreads all over the globe and we have people here from every corner of this planet. It's therefore a great place to learn about how things are developing on a planetary level.

For this mission we would like to learn how life and the economy is doing in your country? How did your country master the pandemic and how much have the local businesses suffered? Do you feel that people are much poorer than before covid spread? Are people hopeful for the future?

Simply write your answer as a comment below this post!

Everybody who submits an answer will get 3 credits. If you write more than the bare minimum, you will get 2 additional credits.

We are very grateful if you enter the challenge within 24 hours after the post is published. We will try to count entries up to 36 hours after publication.


A project run by @ph1102 and @achim03


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