A new era for LPUD

As most of you know, LPUD just got revamped.

The reasons for this revamp are simple: The market conditions are different, the price of $LEO has almost 3x in the past couple of months, the ratio of HIVE:LEO has changed from being 10:1 to being 4:1, and most importantly, the inflation of $leo has dropped by 80% since May.

In a year, we have powered up more than 5M $LEO, which ultimately affects the current supply. So, add this to all of the above and then you have very, very different LeoVerse conditions compared to when we started this initiative.

So, a revamp was much in need.

This means that we won't use previous objectives and records, to measure the success of LPUD, because times change, and with them, the LeoVerse does as well.

LPUD: Lion attack and Cub attack

A new era for LPUD

We have two attacks now: The Lion attack means powering up 150 $LEO for LPUD; the Cub attack means powering up 50 $leo.

A Lion attack makes you eligible to win all the prizes, a Cub attack makes you eligible to win most of the prizes except for the really big ones

This allows small kittens and furballs who have a small investments and purchasing power, to still participate in LPUD and win some juicy prizes by showing their involvement and commitment to the LeoVerse month after month.

I mean, imagine how hard it is going for many users to to power up 150 leo tokens each month when the $LEO price goes to 20c... maybe we are making this change ahead of time, foreseeing what the future holds...

Whatever happens, we are ready.

For this 1st Edition of LPUD 2.0

We powered up 104k $LEO and 192 Lions joined the attack!

It's a good base, not the best one, but a strong one, especially in terms of users.

As mentioned above, we are not going to compare this to the previous editions, this is the first edition of LPUD 2.0 and we will use this edition as the parameter or bar from now on.

The future is different than the past, and we are looking at the future of the LeoVerse and LPUD, but one thing is certain.

The middle class of Leo is getting stronger!

But let's get to winners already!

LPUD winners

Community Delegation Winners

2k from @simplifylife for @thethingsandways

2k from @beststart & leogrowth for @ahmadmanga

2.5k from @trumpman for @atyourservice

2.5k from @trumpman for @itsme9001

2.5k from @trumpman for @vocup

2.5k from @trumpman for @hironakamura

5k from @l337m45732 for @michaelklinejr

5k from @tbnfl4sun for @caspermoeller89

5k from @dagger212 for @ibbtammy

5k from @forexbrokr for @brando28

5k from @jongolson for @idksamad78699

5k from @scaredycatguide for @theindiantrader

5k from @silversaver888 for @ezun1

5k from @steemstreems for @fokusnow

5k from @whatsup for @coquicoin-leo

5k from @bitcoinflood for @uyobong

5k from @leogrowth for @alokkumar121

5k from @mcoinz for @jude9

10k from @taskmaster4450 for @michupa

10k from @niallon11 for @readthisplease

10k from @anomadsoul for @geneeverett

10k from @alexvan for @takhar

10k from @edicted for @zartisht

Congratulations Lions, make good use of this delegation!

20k Delegation Winners

This is the honey pot, three users won a 20k delegation for 3 weeks!

20k from @leofinance for @vimukthi

20k from @leofinance for @davchi2

20k from @leofinance for @thetimetravelerz

Congratulations Lions, you are a huge orca in LEO, go spread the votes!

You will receive your delegations somewhere in the next 24 hours, and you will have them for three weeks. Get the Leo Love spread going!

Bad Luck Lion

The winner of the bad luck prize is @moretea!

Thanks for the constant power ups and lucky you for not winning anything this year so far! You'll get your delegation as soon as @onealfa sends it!

To everyone who joined but didn't win, don't get disappointed, there will be an LPUD every month of the year, for every year to come, so keep joining in these initiatives and keep growing your Leo power, together we'll go to the moon.

For Transparency reasons, we always publish a video with the winner selection process, you can find it here

Mini Announcement

Leo Finance has a Trading League now, the second epoch has begun, make sure to check it out!

Leo Trading League

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