LeoGlossary: PeakD (Hive)

How to get a Hive Account

A general use front end that is tied to the Hive blockchain. It is an application that allows for a variety of social media activities.

This allows users to post content, either in the form of blog posts (articles) or comments. In addition to this users can:

  • upvote/downvote content
  • send tips to authors
  • reblog articles that are of interest
  • follow others and set up feeds to receive their content

PeakD also provides a host of cryptocurrency features tied to the base layer coins on the blockchain. These are $HIVE and the Hive Backed Dollar (HBD).

Some of the features relating to the coins are:

The application also supports governance activities. Users are able to handle their voting for both proposals and witnesses. This is directly tied to the amount of Hive Power that an account has.

Website: Peakd.com


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