LeoGlossary: Land Rarities

SplinterGlossary: Land Rarities

Each plot of land will also have a rarity - Common, Rare, Epic, or Legendary - just like the existing Monster and Summoner cards. The rarity will determine how abundant the natural or magical resources are on the land, or how many monsters there are on an Occupied plot.

A land plot that is both Legendary and is either Magical or Occupied can be thought of as similar to a Gold Foil Legendary Monster or Summoner card.

Details for Land Expansion 1.5

Higher rarity land plots give the following boosts to the base production of the plot. Please note that land rarity boosts only apply to resource harvesting and not to construction - so they will boost the production of things like Grain farming, but they will not boost production for clearing the plot. The chances of receiving each rarity of land plot when surveying and the production boost it will provide are shown in the following table:

Plot RaritySurvey ChanceProduction Boost


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