LeoInfra Onboarding Report | 300+ Active Hive Lite Accounts Onboarded and Counting

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LeoInfra has been one of our more interesting projects. With LeoInfra, we've created the first iteration of Hive "Lite" accounts.

Many have talked about Lite accounts in the past, but with LeoInfra they have become a reality. Users can sign up and login to LeoFinance using only a Twitter or Metamask account. They don't even need to store their Hive private keys unless they choose to download them from their wallet page.

Alongside Lite accounts, we also created a completely revamped direct-to-Hive signup process. This process allows users to create a Hive account and custody their keys from the start using only a Phone # verification or Twitter account verification.

Many on the blockchain are curious about our onboarding programs and if they've been successful. Our goal has always been to grow the user base of Hive rather than focus on serving the existing user base that's already on-chain. Through LeoInfra, LeoFinance has been achieving this goal every single day.

We've seen an influx of new users at an exponentially growing rate. One of our highest profile onboards is Crypto Wendy who utilized LeoInfra to create a Twitter Lite Hive account with the help of @shortsegments who reached out to her about joining.

Side note: she also got 224 comments and over $87 in LEO Post Rewards on her introduction post. Proud of the ūü¶Ā community for this.


By verifying with Twitter, she was able to sign up in less than 30 seconds. With LeoInfra, anyone can sign up to Hive and LeoFinance with just a few clicks.

With LeoInfra V3 around the corner (Google, Email and Facebook Lite Accounts), we've decided to put together a progress report on our onboarding thusfar.

This data will give you an overview of how many accounts we're onboarding each day, how active these accounts are and what exactly these accounts are doing on the Hive blockchain.

Number of Accounts Created Per Day

Since the launch of LeoInfra, we've onboarded a total of 587 Hive accounts. If you remember, LeoInfra V1 allowed users to sign up with Metamask. This was a great step forward, but it wasn't until early December that our onboarding really started to pick up.

In December, we launched LeoInfra V2 which enabled:

  • Direct-to-Hive Sign Up Using Phone # Verification or Twitter Verification
  • Twitter Lite Accounts


Twitter is clearly a big winner here. Crypto Twitter is our perfect target audience which is why we also spend a majority of our marketing efforts over on Twitter aimed at getting these users onboarded.

The cool thing about LeoInfra is that it can be plugged-in to any Hive dApp. LeoFinance is launching a new app in the next few weeks which will bring Twitter to the Hive blockchain. This app will allow microblogging in a way that we've never before experienced. Allowing authors to create thousands of microcontent pieces per day directly on the Hive blockchain. Earning both tokenized rewards and the benefit of immutably storing their "Tweets" on a decentralized, public blockchain.

When this app rolls out, we expect LeoInfra onboarding to take its next leg-up as we create a direct offramp from Twitter. For the first time ever, Twitter users will have an alternative platform to Twitter that is built on top of a blockchain and allows them to sign up in less than 30 seconds.

LeoInfra V3 will also have a similar effect as we implement Google, Email and Facebook logins and start both paid and organic marketing campaigns on those platforms.

New Accounts By Activity

Just creating accounts is meaningless. We've seen this many times before on this blockchain and on others. Some other blockchains are even called "Ghost chains" for the fact that you see a lot of wallets being created but if you actually go there it's a ghost town.

The key to LeoInfra's success is that we're not only onboarding hundreds of accounts per month, but we're actually retaining active users.

Out of the 587 Hive accounts we've created through LeoInfra,

  • 241 are Not Active at all
  • 244 Have Voted on a Post/Comment
  • 238 Have Created a Post
  • 210 Have Sent a Custom JSON
  • 37 Have Powered Up in their wallet


We're obviously still dealing with relatively small numbers here, but it depends on what you are comparing these metrics to. Compared to Facebook, Twitter, etc. these numbers constitute maybe a few seconds of onboarding. Compared to the Hive blockchain, however, these numbers have a meaningful impact. Onboarding 346 accounts that have done at least 1 action in a pool of about 5-10k daily active accounts on Hive is meaningful and most importantly: just an indicator of what we can accomplish.

New Accounts by Cumulative Actions

Out of the 587 accounts we've onboarded in the past few months, 346 of these accounts have been active in one way, shape or form. The following chart shows their cumulative actions (which accounts have done multiple key activities on the Hive blockchain).


  • 99 have made a Post, distributed a Vote and sent a Custom JSON
  • 61 have only voted on content
  • 39 have only made a post
  • 34 have made a post and sent a Custom JSON
  • 33 have made a post and voted on content
  • 32 have posted, voted, powered up and sent a Custom JSON (Ideal User)
  • 26 have only sent a Custom JSON
  • 17 have voted and sent a JSON
  • 2 only powered up
  • 1 posted, voted and powered up
  • 1 powered up and sent a JSON
  • 1 voted, powered up and sent a JSON

As with many of our other reports, it will be interesting to watch the growth of LeoInfra. We've already seen the average daily accounts skyrocket from V1 to V2. I think similar effects will happen when V3 is launched and especially when Project ___ (microblogging) is finally launched publicly and we create that perfect onramp to Web3 from Web2 (Twitter on the Blockchain).

Upcoming Posts, Releases and Announcements

We've got a lot of major developments rolling out. Leo Lightning DB was supposed to be released a few days ago, but we've hit some delays (you may have been a part of our live test 2 days ago where we collected 50+ bug reports). We've also got a few other major releases and announcements upcoming that I know many of you are anxiously waiting for. Here's a rough list of how they're gonna roll out:

  1. Next post: WLEO Geyser Month 2
  2. Leo Lightning DB V1 Production Release
  3. Whitepaper
  4. LeoAds Report (Overdue)
  5. Leo Curator Leaderboard
  6. Project ___



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