LeoFinance Weekly Stats 09/28/2020 to 10/04/2020

Welcome to the weekly edition of LeoFinance stats report.
This is a weekly report covering September 28, through October 4.

LeoFInance continu

If you want to learn a bit more about the LeoFinance ecosystem and dig into the numbers, this is the place to be.


The following topics will be covered:

  • Issued LEO Tokens
  • Top LEO Earners
  • Rewards to HP delegators trough the leo.bounties program
  • Daily stats on tokens staking
  • Share of tokens staked
  • Top Users that staked
  • Unique number of LeoFInance users
  • Posts/comments activities on the platform
  • Posting from LeoFinance.io interface
  • Price Chart

Issued LEO Tokens

Let’s take a look into token issuance and how it is distributed over time.

Below is a chart that represents the cumulative issued LEO tokens.


This chart is tweaked a bit from the standard one. The usual was representing the total LEO tokens issued, including the burned. Now we have a chart with circulating supply and burned.

A total of 7.2 M issued LEO tokens, 2.15 burned, 5M circulating supply .

Next is the issued LEO tokens from last week. Here is the chart:

On average there is 6.8k LEO issued daily in the last week.

Let’s see how these tokens were distributed.
Below is the chart of the top 10 LEO earners this week.

@taskmaster4450 is on the first place with 2.2k, followed by @rollandthomas and @mindtrap-leo on third place.

Reward to HP delegators [Bounties]

The LEO platform has a reward mechanism for HP delegators to the @leo.voter account. Users who delegate their HP to the @leo.voter receive daily payouts in the form of LEO tokens at a rate of ~16% APR.

Having more HP delegated to the @leo.voter account provides an incentive to users to use the platform and continually grow the ecosystem.

Bounties are also issued for special task and goals, like the liquidity providers bonus of 300k, that is yet to come.


@lafona-miner on the top, followed by @luppers and @bestbroplayer.

Staking LEO

Below is a chart that represents the daily flow of staked and unstaked LEO tokens. A positive bar going up shows a day where more LEO was staked than unstaked.


July 2019 is excluded from the chart for better visibility. Those are the first days and there are a lot of tokens staked.

In the last month there has been large moves in the staking and unstaking numbers, due to the liquidity providers on Uniswap.

Hive engine doesn’t save data for canceled unstaking orders in chain. It also doesn’t save data for finished unstake only. There is data for started unstaking only saved on chain. I have been manually adjusting the numbers, but since this is a volatile period for unstaking tracking this data is a challenge. I will leave out the weekly staking for, until more accurate data is available.

On a first glance the last week was almost at net zero. The amount of staked equals the amount of unstaked LEO.

Below is the chart of the top 10 users that staked LEO last week:


Some serious numbers here with @oldtimer staking almost 100k, @empoderat 60k and @rollandthomas 20k.

The Overall Flow of the LEO Token Supply:

We can notice the increase of the liquid LEO in the last period because of Uniswap LPs.

Below is a chart of the ratio staked/unstaked tokens.


71% LEO staked! Same as the previous week.

After a drop from 90% to 71%, the last week there was equal ammonut of staked vs unstaked tokens, keeping the same level of 71% staked as the week before.

Out of the current supply 5M tokens, 3.58M, 0.84 are wrapped and staked and 0.62 M are liquid on Hive Engine.

840k wrapped LEO in this short period is quite amazing.

LeoFinance Users

Below is a chart with the number of unique users that posted from the LeoFinance frontend.


A total of 1270 unique users have posted from the LeoFinance frontend.

In the last period there is an increase in the number of new users.

Monthly Active Users Posting from LeoFInance [MAU]

Here is the chart for the monthly active users that posted from the leofinance.io interface.


The user growth can be clearly seen from the MAU chart. A increase from 236 in August to 346 in September.

Activities on LeoFInance

Below is a chart of the LeoFinance activities with the numbers of posts from the LeoFinance interface and posts with the #leofinance tag.

As we can see the price increase has done it part and there is increase in the numbers of posts coming from leofinance.io.

Here is the chart showing only posts made from the leofinance.io interface.


The number of posts from the leofinaice interface is on the rise, and in the last period its above 100.

LeoFinance has introduced a 10% incentive for posting trough the native frontend. When users post from other frontends and just with the leofinance tag they have 10% less rewards.


All time LEO price

It is interesting to look at the LEO token price, keeping in mind the crazy ride that HIVE had in the previous month.

Here is the price chart in dollar value with average price for better visibility.


If not the short term pump that happened back in September 2019, this will be the ATH for LEO.

LEO price in the Last 30 days

Here is the price of LEO in the last 30 days also in dollar value:


Another great week in terms of the LEO price. Going from 0.16 to 0.26 atm. At one point LEO reached 2:1 with HIVE.

The liquidity has also growned from 230k to 360k USD.

New to Wrapped LEO? Learn More at https://leopedia.io/wleo


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