Where Are The Values of Hive Engine Tokens From?

Before I continue on the topic, this post is based on my personal observation. You can agree or disagree with my opinion.

Hive Engine Tokens

A hive engine is a token that is issued by a person or a community as an identity, reward, and currency. Everyone is able to issue tokens. You need to spend some BEE tokens to mint new tokens.

From where does the token value come?

Hive and HBD are the official coins or tokens in Hive network. Both are the currency and identity of Hive. They have economic value because the demand for Hive and HBD is not only for digital assets but also for the accepted payment coins. NFTs and product stores accept payment in Hive and HBD.

Hive engine tokens have no value when there is no demand. Most hive engine tokens are part of a blogging reward system. Leofinance issues LEO, Proofofbrain Issues POB, and many other blogging platforms that run on the Hive network give rewards to the authors and curators with their hive engine tokens.

Hive Competition

Hive authors will earn multiple rewards. They will earn Hive and HBD as the main reward and hive engine tokens as the side chain rewards.
Authors need to use the hashtag to earn the reward. They can also earn hive engine tokens when they post from the front end of the token issuers.
In this case, token issuers are competing to attract the attention of Hive users. Hive users will be interested in the reward system on the token issuers' front end. They can earn more hive engine tokens when they have higher staked tokens. They will use their Hive and HBD tokens to increase the number of tokens they have staked in side chain blogging.All token issuers that give a reward system via blogging will offer a good return for buying more tokens.

In this competition, token issuers that offer better projects will earn more attention from hive users. Leo team is one of the most progressive hive engine token issuers. Hive engine also enables developers to issue tokens based on the gaming system. Splinterland, dCrops, dCity and Rising star are the most popular games in Hive.They have their own native tokens.
Those hive engines tokens are worth either a blogging system or a gaming siphon of Hive and HBD fund liquids.A competition is taking place among hive engine token issuers.
Hive engine tokens that give the highest return will be the choice of the Hive and HBD holders. Thus, where are the values of the token from?

  • Project and Development
    A token has high value if the developer or the token issuer has a clear project and development roadmap. @hive.pizza is one of the token issuers that is very progressive. Pizza token is a tipping token. You can check the roadmap at www.hive.pizza.
  • Collaboration
    Leofinance is one step ahead. The team has begun collaboration with other networks outside Hive.
  • Token Economy
    Token economy or token utilization is one of the attraction of the Hive investors. The use of the token as the economy ecosystem will make hive engine tokens have higher value because the economic ecosystem will increase the token demand in the market.
  • Scarcity
    Why is the price of gaming tokens higher than blogging tokens in the market? It is because of the scarcity. You can see gaming tokens have higher daily trading volume. It means the demand for the tokens is high. A developer of hive engine tokens should keep the scarcity of the native tokens by burning or using them for economic activities.

Those are my personal observations. If you want to invest in hive engine tokens, you should notice some aspects like the total supply, token demand, the issuers, projects and developments, daily trading volume, and the token economic ecosystem. I hope you can benefit from this analysis so you can secure your assets in hive engine tokens that have higher value in the future.

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