What Do You Think Of Blurt?

If you created your account before the hardfork, you might have an account in blurt. Blurt is the Steem hardfork. The platform is similar to Hive and Steem, but the downvoting system is omitted.
To prevent plagiarism and abuse of the accounts, Blurt developers will deactivate upvotes for every post. It is a kind of blacklisting.

Blurt Project And Development


The Hive-Engine team is working on adding the official SWAP.BLURT token, which was reserved but never activated. This will add standard and convenient withdrawal options to the Hive-Engine interface via officially supported gateways. The Blurt Foundation will provide the SWAP.BLURT liquidity required for the SWAP.STATE-SWAP.BLURT Diesel pool pair.

I underestimated the blurt project at the early stage. However, I think , I have to reconsider my opinion about Blurt.
The Blurt token is listed on some exchanges. One of the highest trading volumes is in ionomy.
The blurt token is worth 0.00000051 BTC or $0.029 . The trading volume is 0.01 BTC or $570.

How about the staking reward?

Blurt charges for every activity on the platform. The voting reward is this.
From the value of the vote. Here is my calculation of the staking reward in Blurt wallet.
0.014 / 150 = 0.000093 or 0.0093%.
To get 1 blurt vote value, you should have around 11,000 BP (Blurt Power). 11,000 x 0.0093% = 1.023 .
25 % Liquid reward goes to your wallet
75 % Blurt goes to blurt power.
50 % vote reward goes to the curators.
50 % vote reward goes to authors
If your vote value is 1 blurt, you will earn reward as the curator 0.5 blurt. 0.125 blurt goes to your wallet and 0.375 blurt goes to Blurt Power.

Is Blurt worth investing?

Investment : 11,000 Blurt Power : 11,000 x $0.029 = $319
10 upvotes daily : 0.125 x 10 = 1.25 x $0.029 = $0.03625
Your daily staking reward in Blurt liquid will be 0.011%.
The price of Blurt is predicted to rise, so the staking reward in $USD will increase in the future.
The Blurt project and its development is quite progressive. It has been demonstrated that blurt developers have been successful in listing blurts on some exchanges.Blurt is listed in ionomy, probit


Blurt is an alternative social blogging platform that can add your cryptocurrency assets. Blurt's price will rise, in my opinion, because the Blurt's developer is very progressive in collaborating with other developers.The daily stake reward with 10 upvotes is around 0.011%. Blurt has no downvoting system.

Note : Correct me if I made some mistakes in the calculation of the staking reward

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