Hive Token Alternatives - Foodie

Foodie token is token based on food fans. With the front end of foodie token will be alternatives for hive food bloggers. If you have hobby in cooking, culinary , and just food eaters you can use to post your work. Your contents will be appreciated with hive and foodie token rewards.

How is the price?

Foodie price rise slowly as the leo token price jumps. I think some hive investors will turn to cheaper investment to side chain. For small bag holders buying leo will cost a lot of cash though leo is profitable. The alternative is foodie token.

Foodie token used to in steem nerwork. After hardfork the developers decide to migrate to hive. I got few thousands of foodie before it migrated to hive. The price was dumped at the time so I got the token in cheap price.

Today's price is about 0.0012 hive. It just moves from low price 0.0009 hive.

Time to buy foodie before bullish

Look at the chart. The bid of foodie token increase. I think foodie token will be best reward token for food blogger in hive network.

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