Gas Fee Still Matters - Ethereum Merge

Ethereum gas fee will be lower is the mistaken believe of Ethereum holders.

But the Ethereum Foundation clarified on Wednesday that the network’s next proof-of-stake temporary upgrade, known as the "Merge," will not lower gas costs.

Besides that, the transaction speed is not faster than POW after the merge.

When the transaction fee is still high, Ethereum will not be a coin that is widely used. A cloned network or 2nd layer of the chain will be a choice for developers. BNB, Polygon, and other platforms will be the next generation of mass-used blockchain.

What is the advantage of Ethereum after the merge? > After switching to PoS, it is thought Ethereum will consume 99.9 percent less energy.

The merge does not answer the need for cheap and fast blockchain tech in general. People will not care about the consumption of energy. They need simplicity. In this case, Ethereum does not have any new features for future blockchain development.Users will find other promising blockchains that are user-friendly, fast and cheap.
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Other blockchain technologies such as Bitshares, Hive, and other chains currently offer more promising features to users, but the chain is less popular than Ethereum with its clones and 2nd layers.The claim that Ethereum will be the next Web3 is something exaggerated.

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