What Is Next For LBI?

We now know the total LBI that will be issued. The amount is now capped based upon the voting. This means that, once we hit that point, the only way to get LBI will be on the open market.

This means the token pricing will be determined by the market, exclusive of the value of the token. It could be a positive for the token price as markets can often get ahead of themselves.


So what is next for LBI?

This is a hard question to answer since we are dependent upon what Leo is doing. LBI hitched its wagon to that tribe and rightfully so. All the development that is taking place is putting us in a great position to profit.

The latest endeavor is CubFinance which is something that LBI is involved in. We are seeing a nice return as are all who are involved in CubFinance. Many of us believe the CUB token will have a lot of upside. This one move along could go a long way to providing value to LBI.

We also had a post by @leofinance that provided some insight for ProjectBlank. There was a stretch without much mentioned about it, but that was changed.

The application is still on the agenda. We will see it come to light, according to the post, by the end of the 3rd quarter. What is exciting is there a mobile app was mentioned in the post. This makes since most microblogging users (Twitter) do it via mobile. So this will provide greater appeal to the potential userbase.

We believe this will be a tremendous windfall for LBI since we hold a lot of LBI staked. That means the airdrop will fill the LBI bags. The expectation, as of now, is that it will be utilized to curate since it will be a Proof of Brain token. This can provide another weekly stream of income for LBI.

But what do we do beyond that?

Here is where we need to have discussions. @silverstackeruk is very good at coming up with projects that end up bring value to the ecosystem. This will allow people more opportunity to make money while also providing more to the LBI pie.

That said, we cannot depend upon him. We need to research what is out there and offer up solutions. The idea is to keep generating a return.

Perhaps the next step is to get involved in the Kingdoms as we get more information about them. That might be a great way to compound the returns since, from what we know, there will be two streams generating the payouts.

It appears the opportunities will keep mounting as we go forward. This is ideal for a fund like LBI since we are all about trying to compound the returns that we are getting.

Of course, there could be some sound opportunities or ideas that will enhance the value of LBI. We need to input of the community into some options as we come across them. This is not a project that is run by only a few. It is a community based initiative which means having the input of others.

So what is next?

That is up to you. The community has input into the direction of things. Thus, if you come across an opportunity that might be good, be sure to make mention of it.

At this point, ideas are what is needed. For example, with the release o Thorchain, there might be some integration with Cub/Leo through there. That might present an opportunity for LBI.

There is a lot of potential in a project like LBI and we aim to maximize it.

Article written by @taskmaster4450le.