The Weekly LBI Contest

Authored by: @hetty-rowan


Contest Time

And here we are again. Tuesday, contest time. After the first attempt where everyone saw the wrong JEWEL, we have a rematch this week. This week it has gone completely fine and I saw prices appear in the answers that looked more like it. Fortunately, because it's always more fun to announce a winner. And now let's go straight to announcing the winner.

And I have to say… you guys made it exciting this week. Just like JEWEL made it exciting.

The JEWEL was worth $4.33 USD at the time.


There were two people this week who came close to the price of JEWEL on October 15, 2021 at 12 noon CENTRAL EUROPEAN TIME.

But unfortunately, I have to tell the person closest to the correct price that hesent in his answer TOO LATE. Oops, I'm sorry! But rules are rules.

Every week I clearly write that you can participate until the evening before 6 pm CENTRAL EUROPEAN TIME. And unfortunately @lnakuma was late with his answer.


I was in doubt for a moment, but luckily you can see the time at which someone posted his / her answer on Leofinance. Thank you for this handy feature @leofinance! And from that time it appears that @gillianpearce does wait with her prediction until the last hours, but that her answer is neatly within the set time limit.


So this week we congratulate @gillianpearce again on winning the 5 LBI.

They have already been added to your hive-engine wallet!

And for this week it is of course already clear.

What is an FYDcoin (FYD) worth next Friday, October 22, 2021 at 12 noon.

Please provide your answer here in the comments BEFORE October 21, 6 PM. And yeah, I do check it!

And just to be clear, I live in the Netherlands, so I use the CENTRAL EUROPEAN TIME (CET) for this. If you're not sure...and want to join in, better be safe than sorry and post your answer sooner rather than later.

We cannot know for sure what a price is because we predict a moment in the future. It also involves crypto, which is already volatile ... And, even if there is something very nice to win, it is of course still a game! So don't hesitate, join in the fun and give us a lucky shot. It might be worth 5 LBI.

Enjoy the coming week, it looks good again if I look at Hive-Engine. Don't make a Chaos... Splinterlands will be doing that enough for the next month. But whatever you do... use your brain and enjoy life!

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