Sample LBI Proposal

Authored by @silverstackeruk

Hello LBIer's, today we are going to look at a "sample" of an LBI proposal. The GOV team will soon release a post that will confirm that LBI is now accepting proposals to be voted on. The first proposal voting will take place I have decided to write a sample to give people an idea of what sort of proposals we are after and how they should be formatted. The GOV team will finalise how proposals should be formatted and im sure it will be detailed in their coming post so for now im sort of gonna wing it.



Intro over, my "sample" proposal starts


(1) - Proposal name
LBI Proposal
Project Blank proposal

(2) - Your proposal in 1-2 lines
I propose that we use the project blank airdrop to create a new subsidiary project for LBI.

(3) - Explain your proposal in greater detail, share your vision/grievance, explain why it required, explain how it's sustainable, what funds are required (if any)
I propose that we split the Project Blank airdrop away from LBI and use it to create a new project under LBI that is exclusive to Project Blank. All LBI token holders would receive an airdrop to an equal ratio of what LeoFinance drops. LBI token holders would receive LeoBackedProjectBlank (LBPB) tokens.

This LBPB token will be pegged to the price of the Project Blank token. We do not aim to increase the LBPB token price, we aim to increase it's circulating supply. As earnings are generated and more project blank tokens are staked, more LBPB will be minted and issued to existing LBPB token holders.

Sample, made up, whatever token stats

  • Stable to the price of Project blank token
  • 5 million created
  • approx 250,000 airdropped to LBI token holders
  • token inflation dictated by LBPB account earnings
  • Liquidity offered from exchanges only, no buyback


  • 85% of account earnings are staked
  • New LBPB tokens are minted to earnings value and issued to existing LBPB holders
  • 10% of LBPB earnings dip to @lbi-token
  • 5% of LBPB earnings dip to LBPB team

As LBPB tokens are pegged to Project Blank tokens and new LBPB token are only minted when Project Blank tokens are staked to the LBPB account, we have assured the sustainability of the project, not an issue.

(4) - Impact for LBI
By creating a new project from the Project Blank airdrop, we are able to better manage separate earnings and holding on different platforms. This will also help to protect the LBI token price from wild price fluctuations while adding a new source of passive/active income with the 10%

(5) - Who will run this proposal (if people are required)
I suggest that we pick a team of 3 token holders to represent us on Project Blank by way of a 1-week token holder vote. Primarily 2 content producers and 1 back end guy/gal for accounting required.

(6) - Recap

  • Split Project Blank airdrop into a new subsidiary for LBI
  • Create an LBPB token that pays out daily dividends in LBPB to existing LBPB token holders based on that day's earnings
  • 85% of earning staked/compounded
  • 15% of earnings paid to @lbi-token and the LBPB team

Thank you for reading through my proposal. I hope that you agree with whatever im trying to convince you to do, if you have any questions please ask them below and I will do my best to get back to you with a prompt and satisfying answer.

My "sample" proposal ends


Ok, so there you have it. That is roughly how a proposal should look. The GOV team will finalise how to format future proposals but you can see how I split my proposal into 6 sections, each with its own purpose. The names and orders might be different but I assume the format will replicate this in some shape are form.

By the way, this idea is not on the cards. Will it is if someone proposes it but I think it would be a bad project and we could do something better than this.

I look forward to the GOV team launching LBI proposals as we take our first steps to decentralization. I just wanted to put a post out there so people can get an idea of what a proposal should be presented. If this where a real one, the word count would be a lot higher as I have not gone into great detail as this is a sample proposal.

Hope you enjoyed this post,

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