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Hello LEO community

This is the 1st post for LeoBacked Investments. We have no thumbnail yet but we are hoping a few lions will take part in our token logo design contest. Free to enter and could be fun to get your creative juices flowing.


Breifly, what will LBI tokens be?

LeoBacked Investment (LBI) tokens will be exactly as they sound. LBI tokens core mission will be to stake LEO, invest into LEO miners and take part in the wLEO LP on uniswap further down the road. This account will also produce investment-related content along with weekly reports of earnings and investment updates for token holders.

  • All LBI tokens will be backed with at least 1 staked LEO per token.
  • Each LBI token represents an equal share of @lbi-tokens HE wallets, HIVE wallets, staked LEO including all on and off-blockchain investments.
  • 50% of weekly LEO earning are paid to token holders in the form of A Leo Dividend
  • We will buy your tokens from you when you decide its time to cash out
  • Tokens will be launched at 1 LEO per 1 LBI
  • Tokens will be issued manually to ensure all tokens are 100% backed by staked LEO. (We sell LBI's for HIVE and LEO jumps 20%, I have a problem and the model fails)
  • This tokens circulating supply will be capped within this first year with all remaining tokens held by this account to be burned.

LeoBacked Investments Tokens will be their own fund and its actions will always be in the best interest of its underlying assets and ensuring token holders funds are safe and not invested into magic beans are this months hot defi food. Under the watchful eye of SPinvest, this projects team will have support and guidance on tap to grow this into a huge thing for the LEO community.

What to expect in the coming week from us

1/ Post to be released to make a call out for LEO community members to nominate themselves to join the team. All details will be provided in the post. We are thinking something like 3 people plus @silverstackeruk. We have @taskmaster4450 for advice and his clout but a small team to start with is best. Being on Discord would be a huge advantage for communication. We can always add more team members when required. We require people to be active and people have a tendency of burning out so not every Tom, Dick and Harry meet the requirements. Rewards will be offered on a fund performance-related basis to team members.
2/ Post to be released to show a much more in-depth look at what we are going to achieve with this account, how we use time tested and proven methods of generating income and making sound investments to produce passive incomes. Details about governance, fund management and a 6 month plan will be included. Transparency is very important to us.
3/ LBI token logo contest - Lets have the LEO community come up with and vote in the best design to be used for the token. Prizes offered. Please check out this link for details. 6 days left to enter

LBI tokens are HODL investment tokens

LBI will be a long term HODL token based on SPI's model. Because these tokens are backed and valued in there primary assets, the value only increases. Think of it like putting $1000 in the bank and earning interest. In theory, you should never have fewer dollars. The $1000 is the LEO you give us to buy your LBI token and the interest is the earnings we produce with that LEO.

Here's some food for thought. 100% of SPI tokens holders are in profit right now and 98% of the time this is the case no matter when they invested. Its get a small variance at times due to its non HIVE investments. We turned $12k from token sales into a well balanced and managed $50k fund today. Not huge numbers in terms of dollars but the 400% increase is something I need to throw out there. Super lastly, SPI's biggest cashout to date was for around 12,000 SPI tokens an exchange for $4997 tether USDT, if we say we will buy your tokens back, we will. Any other projects out there cashing investors out in cold hard crypto. FYI, in SPI's 20-month history, only 2 people have ever used the cash-out option but its there to offer liquidity to heavy investors. We understand liquidity is a problem but because we're 100% backed, it's less of a problem for us. I believe this project has the potential to be on power are maybe even better than what SPinvest is doing with SPI because of the more interactive community. Time will show and that time will begin on..................

Monday the 7th of Dec

Please follow this account if you interested in LBI tokens as all updates will be coming from this account in future.

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