LeoFinance community Donation Drive - Check for more details

Authored by @silverstackeruk

Hello LBIer's, last week I wrote about the idea of collectively coming together as a community, not just LBI, LeoFinance. Im aware this account has a big reach and its posts can get into the top 10 trending most days. From time to time, we should use that reach to help other Lions out.



What's the idea?

To buy a PC or Laptop for a Leo Lion that would benefit greatly from it


There are many LeoFinance users that do not have access to a PC and are restricted to using mobile phones. They could be producing better content, taking part in more projects are even planning to start their own project if they had the access to better tools. We're not talking any Tom, Dick is Harry here, we're talking about buying someone that has already been on LeoFinance, someone that is already part of the community and been contributing, someone the community decides on, not me are any single person.

Why? why not? What're a few bucks to you? If your PC or laptop shut down tomorrow and never booted up again, how long would it take you to replace it? A few hours/days at most for a lot of us I'd assume. Not everyone is lucky to be born into a rich country in the postcode lotto of life. Im rich shaming you, if you have running drinkable water to your house and you can take a hot shower every day, your rich. If you ever have to throw away food from spoilage are cooking too much, your rich my friend. Plus, think of the marketing! LeoFinance users give free PC's to users to use LeoFinance more!!

$500 is enough to buy a decent home PC are laptop easy. It would not be a high-end machine but a huge upgrade from mobile. People donate a few bucks here, a few bucks there and then BOOM, enough to get someone a PC/laptop and make a small change for the better for someone. We all make free money from LeoFinace be it from posting, commenting, curating are providing liquidity to a pool.


We start today, right now. From this post uploaded, we are accepting donations for this for 1 week. We could do 2-3 weeks but 95% of all donations collected will come within the first 3 days. If you wanna get involved, you send the donation, if not you can watch as others donate.

As it's a donation, we'll accept everything on HIVE and the BSC chain. So that's HIVE and any token on hive-engine plus any token on the BSC chain. What about that for easy? When this post pays out,

  • All LEO sent to the lbi-funding account will be converted to bLEO
  • All hive -engine tokens in the lbi-funding account will be converted to LEO and then to bLEO
  • All BSC donations including all bLEO will be cashed out via Binance to my crypto debit card (wirex) where it will stay until it's ready to be used.

Any HIVE chain token

Any BSC token

BTC & ETH fees do not agree with donations and we dont like TRX so...

Who gets the PC/laptop?

When we see what we collect from donations and if we collect enough, we get the word out there that there will be a "Free PC for 1(2) Lucky Leo Lion". I'll put out posts from @lbi-token and @spinvest explaining the giveaway and how to get involved for people. We will ask users that would like the chance to come forward and write a nomination post explaining their situation and how having a PC/laptop would help them out. I guess the more they share, the more we care.

We'll run this for 2 weeks to give people time to write good posts. After 2 weeks have passed. I will gather all nomination post URLs and put them together into 1 post so everyone's nominations are viewable to everyone giving everyone a fair chance at visibility. 1 week after the above post is uploaded, the LeoFinance community votes and picks a winner(s)


How do we buy the winner a PC?

Amazon, eBay, anywhere online that accepts MasterCard. The winner picks what PC/laptop they want and we pay for it and ship it directly to their home. Living in the future is great and the best part is, it's direct, no middlemen cut and people donating will see the results of their donations as i guess an unboxing post by the winner would be uploaded.


For the next week, we're collecting donations to buy a PC, who for?, we dont know yet. There are plenty of deserving people and this could turn into a really good LeoFinance community project. We are quick to help ourselves and expect Khal to pump our bags, we're so spoiled at LeoFinance to the point it's expected. Why not give a little back for once?

Shout to user @unorgmita for the idea 😀


This table is to track donations and will be updated daily

Users are free to donate more than 1 token and can donate more than once no problems, you'll not get in trouble 😉 Let's see if we can get 50 names into the table below

DonatorDonationValue (approx)
@silverstackeruk10 LEO & £20 USDT$30.00
@raymondspeaks£25 GBP$35.00
@lbi-token50 LEO$50.00
@spinvest100 HIVE$60.00
@eddie-earner10 LEO and 20 HIVE$20.00
@rxhector25 HIVE$15.00
@jfang0033 LEO$3.00
@theanalystjohn3 LEO$3.00
@perparedwombat50 HIVE$30.00
@libertycrypto273 HIVE$2.00
@ykretzToken Mix x6$2.90
@chrisparis7 SPI$17.50
@finguru7 HIVE & 39 POB$12.50
@shanibeer3.51 SPI & 30 HIVE$30.00
@tbnfl4sun25 LEO$25.00
@bozz10 LEO$10.00
@hitmeasap5 LEO$5.00
@tomhall.leo5 LEO$5.00
@elianaicgomes5 LEO & 500 CPT$15.00
@successcharToken Mix x9$14.00
@taskmaster4450125 HIVE$90.00
@oldmans30 HIVE$20.00
@sgt-dan0.065 BNB$30.00
@empoderat50 LEO$45.00
@silversaver88825 LEO$22.50
@lebah1 LEO$0.95
@JK627625 LEO$22.50
@atma.love15 HIVE$9.00
@hispapro2 HIVE$0.60
@yonnathang2 HIVE$0.60
@ammonite16 HIVE$9.50
@pardinus5 HBD$5.00
@myvest12.92 LEO$2.70
@hetty-rowan4.69 LEO & 2126 SIM$6.80
@cryptoandcoffee5 HIVE$3.00
@evernoticethat5 LEO$4.50
@nonsowrites2 LEO$1.80
@erikah3 HIVE$1.80

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